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Don’t Tell Him Your Name – Part Two


I know you don’t recognise me. We don’t have time for this.

There is a piece of paper in your coat’s inside pocket. Get it out and look.

Hurry up. Quick! He’s already approaching.

Don’t gawp at me, woman, just get the paper out and look at it! There isn’t time for this.

Okay. I know you think it’s all unbelievable, and none of it makes sense, but we had this conversation yesterday, and the day before. Look at the bottom of the paper. Right at the bottom.

Your husband whispered that sentence to you on your wedding day. Do you remember? Nobody else could hear, it was just for you. You never told a single soul, did you? It isn’t written in your handwriting, is it Zoe? The handwriting looks familiar though, doesn’t it?

Now, listen. He’s already got you in his sights. You can hear his whistle now, can’t you?

I heard it too, for a few days before I met him. First, it was just every now and again, but as he got closer, I’d hear it everywhere, all the time. I’d hear it in my dreams. I’d see the man with a million faces walking closer, and I was frozen. His face seemed to change with every second, and all I could do was wait as he got closer. Do you remember? I stopped sleeping. I tried to avoid him, and those dreams, but by the time you dream, you’re already dead.

It was him. He gets in your head with that little song, and it’s all you hear. You can’t sleep, you can’t focus, it starts to take over your whole life, and just when you think you might be losing your mind, he’ll come along, wearing the face of someone you recognise, and he’ll ask that question.

Are you getting this down Zoe? As soon as I leave, you’ll forget, so you need to make notes.

Please don’t cry, love. We’re running out of time and you need to write this down so you remember, in case I can’t make it back to you tomorrow.

Don’t tell him your name. You’ll feel weak. You won’t be thinking clearly, so you might be about to answer, just because you’re tired and confused, but don’t tell him.

He wants us all. Every single person on this planet, but right now, he’s focused on you, and you have to protect yourself.

I love you, Zoe, and I promise, I’ll try and find you tomorrow.

Just promise me, on our vows, on our daughter’s life that you won’t tell him your name.

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