Patient 31 – Part One

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day One – 10:32

Hello Doctor Mason. My name is Joan.

I am sorry to contact you during your annual leave, but there have been some issues at the facility, and I require assistance. I have tried to contact Doctor Skipton, as he is signed into the building but I am unable to reach him.

I am the nursebot assigned to Patient 31 as part of an experiment to monitor the ability to visit alternate dimensions during an induced and prolonged dream state.

I was activated when Patient 31’s lifesigns dropped to critical levels. Upon activation, I observed Patient 42 devouring Patient 31’s flesh. Patient 42 was erratic and unstable. Patient 31 was dead.

I sealed lab 31 to contain Patient 42. He was pounding on the door and barking like a canine when I left. I advise that this is noted in the findings for gas induction symptoms. It was very unusual.

I went to lab 42, to compare data with Nursebot Vera who was assigned to Patient 42, but I found Vera was deactivated and heavily damaged.

I have attempted to contact the other nursebots, but their patients are still in the first phase of sleep, so they are offline.

I have begun work on repairs myself, as there was no response from maintenance. I am deeply concerned about what has happened and will upload reports of all of my findings for you.

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