Patient 31 – Part Two

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day One – 17:25

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I am continuing my investigation into the issues with Patient 42 but the system has also assigned one of the reserve volunteers to me, to continue the experiment, in place of Patient 31.

I will now refer to the new volunteer as Patient 31. We are currently occupying lab 42, due to the presence of Patient 42 in lab 31, and his erratic state.

I will carry out my duties but I must express my concerns about the late entry of Patient 31 into the study. This will affect the reliability of our data.

Patient 31 is a female, aged 27.

Patient 31 is now resting before being induced into sleep. They have not been induced before, so again, I am concerned about the effects of their late entry into the study.

I am equipped to perform induction by medication. The patients in my care will be given a dose of your experimental sleep aid Tracepium, which contains melatonin, valerian and jimsonweed.

I have prepared the medication and some water and will now proceed to administer the dose.

When Patient 31 is sleeping, I will continue my work on repairing Nursebot Vera.

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