Patient 31 – Part Eight

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 17:25

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I must insist that you visit lab 42 at your earliest convenience.

Patient 31 has become erratic, and is banging her fists against the observation glass. She claims that she needs the induction medication, but due to evidence of potential pregnancy, I am withholding the dosage for today.

Patient 31 is unhappy with this news and has now begun to bang her head against the glass. The glass is holding, for now, but Patient 31 has sustained several cuts to the head with her actions.

I have received communications from three other Nursebots, all of which are assigned to patients who have been prescribed Tracepium. The Nursebots have stated that each of their patients spoke to them during the administration of tonight’s dose, and demanded that I give Patient 31 her dose. They claimed that I needed to do this, so that they may see the baby being born.

I am confused as to how other patients would be aware of this situation. Contact is forbidden between patients, and outside of the unfortunate situation of Patient 42 and the original Patient 31, there has been no contact.

I implore you to visit us Doctor Mason. Something very strange is happening and I am deeply concerned for all of our patients.

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 23:02

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan.

Patient 31 is dead. Her life signs indicate that she is dead, and I am unable to find a pulse or heartbeat, yet, she is currently throwing her body against the glass and screaming.

My medical knowledge data set suggests that excessive thrashing and vocalisations of this kind are not possible after death, and yet, she continues.

Please contact me immediately in regards to this.

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