Patient 31 – Part Five

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 11:27

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I have contacted the emergency services to collect the bodies of Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett, but I have been advised by the paramedics and police officers that the building is in lockdown and that they have been unable to gain entry.

Our communication was cut short, and as the line cut out, I heard a commotion, and some screaming. I am unsure of what has happened, as I have been unable to leave the building.

Could you please advise why the building has been placed into lockdown and when you will arrive to lift the lockdown?

In the mean time, I have been monitoring Patient 31. She is awake, and complaining of back pain, nausea and unusual food cravings. I prepared ice cream with ketchup for her, as she has requested, and she has consumed it.

Patient 31 has been quiet for most of the day, outside of these issues, and when I questioned her about the gate, and Jim, she said she was unsure of what I meant.

I have allowed her to rest, and Nursebot Vera is assisting me with our attempts to gain access to the security system to lift the lockdown and allow entry for emergency services staff.

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