Patient 31 – Part Four

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 03:33

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I have located Doctor Skipton, as well as Sophie Beckett, from maintenance. Vera’s memory banks gave me a lot of insight. Patient 42 was able to escape from the lab and attacked both of them. Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett are dead.

I am aware that it was not my duty to do so, but I visited Lab 31 to ensure that Patient 42 was safe, and to check his status. When I arrived, he was calmer, and was waiting at the viewing window.

He told me that I was too late, and that the gate was open.

I did not know what that meant, as there was no gates, only a door. I believe that Patient 42 is suffering neurological side effects, and may require more medical attention than I, or my fellow Nursebots are able to provide.

On the way back to our current base, I discovered the bodies of Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett.

According to the files I found in Vera’s memory bank, Patient 42 killed and consumed parts of Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett while possessed by an entity she identified as Pesanta.

I have concluded that this is not possible, and have concluded that Nursebot Vera’s memory bank may have been corrupted when she was attacked by Patient 42.

I have found obvious evidence for the attacks on Nursebot Vera, Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett, but no evidence of possession by an entity.

I have been monitoring Patient 31, and while her life signs are within acceptable parameters, she has begun to exhibit strange behaviour.

She has been talking in her sleep.

She mentions someone by the name of Jim, and claims that he is waiting at the gate. I entered the chamber to monitor her closely, and she appeared to be sleeping normally, but spoke very lucidly, while remaining fast asleep.

This is most unusual.

I am now monitoring from behind the observation window, and she continues to talk in her sleep about someone named Jim, and the gate.

I have checked Patient 31’s history and there is no mention in her files or background check of a person named Jim. It is also unusual that both she and Patient 42 mentioned the gate.

I would appreciate your insight on this.

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