Patient 31 – Part Seven

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 13:56

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I am unsure of how to explain this latest development, but I will try my best.

Patient 31 is seated on the floor of the observation chamber, and is complaining of great pain.

She is holding her stomach and claims that he is coming.

I asked her to elaborate, and she claimed that Jim was being born.

I asked her who Jim was, and she began to cry. She claimed that the gate was open, and that Jim was coming.

She appeared to be lucid, and very frightened.

I am concerned for her welfare.

I entered the chamber and ran some tests. Again, I am struggling to explain this development.

A full scan of Patient 31’s body appeared to show that she was 39 weeks pregnant. This is a confusing development, as all volunteers are screened for pregnancy when entering the facility, and there was also no bump where the baby should be.

Patient 31 is in great distress and I am deeply concerned.

Please could you visit lab 42 immediately to offer advice and guidance on this new development?

I have attempted to contact the emergency services staff outside but they are not responding. External phone lines now appear to be down.

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