Patient 31 – Part Ten

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Three – 10:07

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Jim.

Do you remember me?

I was to be your partner. You promised me that we’d be rich, with your miracle drug. All I had to do was grow my jimsonweed. It was my speciality. I was famous for it. I even adopted its name.

It’s such a little thing. A tiny slip of leaves and shoots that sends its devourer to other dimensions.

We would be rich! Rich beyond our wildest dreams! The only trouble was, your dream did not involve me.

You didn’t want to share the money, and soon, I was buried deep beneath the dirt with my roots.

Don’t worry. I met a friend down there, and he showed me a way back to this world. There’s more on the way too. You, Doctor Skipton, and the rest of you mad scientists, you delved into dreams, the divine, the dimensions, and you opened the gate.

I’m back, and I want what you owe me. You might be on the run, but I’ll find you. There’s a little piece of me in every pill you’ve been handing out like candy, and no matter where you run, and no matter where you hide, they’ll help me to find you.

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