Patient 31

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day One – 10:32

Hello Doctor Mason. My name is Joan.

I am sorry to contact you during your annual leave, but there have been some issues at the facility, and I require assistance. I have tried to contact Doctor Skipton, as he is signed into the building but I am unable to reach him.

I am the nursebot assigned to Patient 31 as part of an experiment to monitor the ability to visit alternate dimensions during an induced and prolonged dream state.

I was activated when Patient 31’s lifesigns dropped to critical levels. Upon activation, I observed Patient 42 devouring Patient 31’s flesh. Patient 42 was erratic and unstable. Patient 31 was dead.

I sealed lab 31 to contain Patient 42. He was pounding on the door and barking like a canine when I left. I advise that this is noted in the findings for gas induction symptoms. It was very unusual.

I went to lab 42, to compare data with Nursebot Vera who was assigned to Patient 42, but I found Vera was deactivated and heavily damaged.

I have attempted to contact the other nursebots, but their patients are still in the first phase of sleep, so they are offline.

I have begun work on repairs myself, as there was no response from maintenance. I am deeply concerned about what has happened and will upload reports of all of my findings for you.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day One – 17:25

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I am continuing my investigation into the issues with Patient 42 but the system has also assigned one of the reserve volunteers to me, to continue the experiment, in place of Patient 31.

I will now refer to the new volunteer as Patient 31. We are currently occupying lab 42, due to the presence of Patient 42 in lab 31, and his erratic state.

I will carry out my duties but I must express my concerns about the late entry of Patient 31 into the study. This will affect the reliability of our data.

Patient 31 is a female, aged 27.

Patient 31 is now resting before being induced into sleep. They have not been induced before, so again, I am concerned about the effects of their late entry into the study.

I am equipped to perform induction by medication. The patients in my care will be given a dose of your experimental sleep aid Tracepium, which contains melatonin, valerian and jimsonweed.

I have prepared the medication and some water and will now proceed to administer the dose.

When Patient 31 is sleeping, I will continue my work on repairing Nursebot Vera.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day One – 18:45

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I appreciated your email earlier, and as requested, I will work on locating Doctor Skipton.

Patient 31 is sleeping and her life signs are within acceptable parameters.

I have been able to activate Nursebot Vera and am currently in the process of restoring her memory bank.

I will update my reports further with any new developments.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 03:33

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I have located Doctor Skipton, as well as Sophie Beckett, from maintenance. Vera’s memory banks gave me a lot of insight. Patient 42 was able to escape from the lab and attacked both of them. Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett are dead.

I am aware that it was not my duty to do so, but I visited Lab 31 to ensure that Patient 42 was safe, and to check his status. When I arrived, he was calmer, and was waiting at the viewing window.

He told me that I was too late, and that the gate was open.

I did not know what that meant, as there was no gates, only a door. I believe that Patient 42 is suffering neurological side effects, and may require more medical attention than I, or my fellow Nursebots are able to provide.

On the way back to our current base, I discovered the bodies of Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett.

According to the files I found in Vera’s memory bank, Patient 42 killed and consumed parts of Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett while possessed by an entity she identified as Pesanta.

I have concluded that this is not possible, and have concluded that Nursebot Vera’s memory bank may have been corrupted when she was attacked by Patient 42.

I have found obvious evidence for the attacks on Nursebot Vera, Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett, but no evidence of possession by an entity.

I have been monitoring Patient 31, and while her life signs are within acceptable parameters, she has begun to exhibit strange behaviour.

She has been talking in her sleep.

She mentions someone by the name of Jim, and claims that he is waiting at the gate. I entered the chamber to monitor her closely, and she appeared to be sleeping normally, but spoke very lucidly, while remaining fast asleep.

This is most unusual.

I am now monitoring from behind the observation window, and she continues to talk in her sleep about someone named Jim, and the gate.

I have checked Patient 31’s history and there is no mention in her files or background check of a person named Jim. It is also unusual that both she and Patient 42 mentioned the gate.

I would appreciate your insight on this.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 11:27

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I have contacted the emergency services to collect the bodies of Doctor Skipton and Sophie Beckett, but I have been advised by the paramedics and police officers that the building is in lockdown and that they have been unable to gain entry.

Our communication was cut short, and as the line cut out, I heard a commotion, and some screaming. I am unsure of what has happened, as I have been unable to leave the building.

Could you please advise why the building has been placed into lockdown and when you will arrive to lift the lockdown?

In the mean time, I have been monitoring Patient 31. She is awake, and complaining of back pain, nausea and unusual food cravings. I prepared ice cream with ketchup for her, as she has requested, and she has consumed it.

Patient 31 has been quiet for most of the day, outside of these issues, and when I questioned her about the gate, and Jim, she said she was unsure of what I meant.

I have allowed her to rest, and Nursebot Vera is assisting me with our attempts to gain access to the security system to lift the lockdown and allow entry for emergency services staff.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 11:56

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan.

The security system has alerted Nursebot Vera that Patient 42 left lab 31 approximately 40 minutes ago, and has now left the building.

Could you please advise what we should do? The building still appears to be under lockdown, so Vera and I are unable to leave the lab we are currently situated in. I am seeing power surges, followed by power outages in the security doors and corridors by lab 31. I believe this may be how Patient 42 has escaped.

Please could you advise us on further action?


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 13:56

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I am unsure of how to explain this latest development, but I will try my best.

Patient 31 is seated on the floor of the observation chamber, and is complaining of great pain.

She is holding her stomach and claims that he is coming.

I asked her to elaborate, and she claimed that Jim was being born.

I asked her who Jim was, and she began to cry. She claimed that the gate was open, and that Jim was coming.

She appeared to be lucid, and very frightened.

I am concerned for her welfare.

I entered the chamber and ran some tests. Again, I am struggling to explain this development.

A full scan of Patient 31’s body appeared to show that she was 39 weeks pregnant. This is a confusing development, as all volunteers are screened for pregnancy when entering the facility, and there was also no bump where the baby should be.

Patient 31 is in great distress and I am deeply concerned.

Please could you visit lab 42 immediately to offer advice and guidance on this new development?

I have attempted to contact the emergency services staff outside but they are not responding. External phone lines now appear to be down.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 17:25

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan. I must insist that you visit lab 42 at your earliest convenience.

Patient 31 has become erratic, and is banging her fists against the observation glass. She claims that she needs the induction medication, but due to evidence of potential pregnancy, I am withholding the dosage for today.

Patient 31 is unhappy with this news and has now begun to bang her head against the glass. The glass is holding, for now, but Patient 31 has sustained several cuts to the head with her actions.

I have received communications from three other Nursebots, all of which are assigned to patients who have been prescribed Tracepium. The Nursebots have stated that each of their patients spoke to them during the administration of tonight’s dose, and demanded that I give Patient 31 her dose. They claimed that I needed to do this, so that they may see the baby being born.

I am confused as to how other patients would be aware of this situation. Contact is forbidden between patients, and outside of the unfortunate situation of Patient 42 and the original Patient 31, there has been no contact.

I implore you to visit us Doctor Mason. Something very strange is happening and I am deeply concerned for all of our patients.

Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 23:02

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan.

Patient 31 is dead. Her life signs indicate that she is dead, and I am unable to find a pulse or heartbeat, yet, she is currently throwing her body against the glass and screaming.

My medical knowledge data set suggests that excessive thrashing and vocalisations of this kind are not possible after death, and yet, she continues.

Please contact me immediately in regards to this.


Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Two – 23:02

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Joan.

The security lockdown still appears to be in place, and yet, several patients have gathered outside of lab 42, where we are located. They are all part of the medication group.

The Nursebots for all of the patients appear to be offline.

Each of the patients is banging against the door and asking to see the baby.

I am unsure of which baby they speak of.

Patient 31’s life signs still indicate that she is dead, but she appears very much alive. She is on all fours in the observation chamber, panting and crying out in pain.

It seems that she is simulating giving birth.

I must ask again that you visit us in the lab, Doctor Mason. Something is very wrong, and…




Patient 31 – Post Waking Report – Day Three – 10:07

Hello Doctor Mason. It is Jim.

Do you remember me?

I was to be your partner. You promised me that we’d be rich, with your miracle drug. All I had to do was grow my jimsonweed. It was my speciality. I was famous for it. I even adopted its name.

It’s such a little thing. A tiny slip of leaves and shoots that sends its devourer to other dimensions.

We would be rich! Rich beyond our wildest dreams! The only trouble was, your dream did not involve me.

You didn’t want to share the money, and soon, I was buried deep beneath the dirt with my roots.

Don’t worry. I met a friend down there, and he showed me a way back to this world. There’s more on the way too. You, Doctor Skipton, and the rest of you mad scientists, you delved into dreams, the divine, the dimensions, and you opened the gate.

I’m back, and I want what you owe me. You might be on the run, but I’ll find you. There’s a little piece of me in every pill you’ve been handing out like candy, and no matter where you run, and no matter where you hide, they’ll help me to find you.

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