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I was on the pier,

playing my part in filling the ocean,

collapsing under the chaos of home,

bound to return,

but broken at the thought.

For a moment,

for the very first time,

I was alone.

There had never been a voice,

or even a familiar, friendly hand to hold,

just a promise of forever,


guiding light,

that surrounded me,


it suddenly went out.

My devotion,


as I bled into the beach,

begging for the space to breathe,

for believing to be easier,

for just a second.

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I read our lives to you,

as I rest,

surrounded by the rest of our days,

daring to dive into my dreams,

deep and delightful.

I am live on air,

living for you,

love in it’s purest, prettiest form,

painting masterpieces,

with messy,

well meaning hands.

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Diverse Verse on Alphabet Radio

Hola amigos,

A brand new episode of Diverse Verse  will be airing live on Alphabet Radio, this afternoon, at 4PM BST, and I’m really excited for you to hear it.


The new episode will feature poetry from Bolly Bitz Dolly, Oli Isaac, Natalie Robinson, Miss Leading, Christopher Sedgwick and Eve Naden, covering topics such as identity, sexual awakenings, family, mental health, poverty and inequality.

You can listen live, from 4PM, here

You can listen on demand, after the show airs, here

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Missed, muted moments,



I collect the shards of my heart,

arranging them in your image,

cracking the code of codependency.

I need you,

and you need me,

but we are shattered,

seeing each other,

for a moment,

that is gone in an instant,

hopeful glances,

as we pass in the night.

This passion is painful.

Consumed by conspiracies I invent,

to keep me occupied,

lying to myself,

that there will ever be a day,

I don’t love you enough,

to endure the daily death,

that is our distance.