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The Passionate Siren To Her Love

Come live with me and be my love,
‘neath lover’s lights that dance above,
and we shall dine on your betrothed,
then bathe his bones in marigolds.

Petals will play in waters blue,
our love will stay forever true,
he’ll be found, washed up ashore,
but you’ll stay young, forever more.

Come live with me, beneath the stars,
submerge yourself in who you are,
you can’t resist, the pull too strong,
awaken lover, hear my song.

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Forever Faithful

I kept you close,
kept in clover and kissed, gently as you awoke each morning,
but you couldn’t feel my affections, you couldn’t conceive my closeness.

These are things that can never be enough.
Not my endless, boundless love,
not my promises of forever faithfulness,
not all the money I had,
the mad way that I adored you,
the way that I pleaded,
or the way that I stayed, stuck in place, by your side.

I grew used to the shadows of our bedroom,
shrouded in satin solitude and the strangled sobs of your darkness,
the window sills still weeping,
clutching lilies in their hands as you held a pillow to your head,
howling into the night for me to return,
and all I could do was stare,
my love, transparent and without expectation,
unconditional devotion that went unnoticed.

All you could do was stare,
out of the window to the soft grass that surrounded sturdy stone.
My place of rest, where I lay restless,
rising and wandering,
staring from shadowy corners in silence,
forever faithful.

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Love At First Bite

The sweetness of her skin,
sensationally sultry as she saunters past me.
I am daunted by the delicacy,
the way she sails on the air, like an angel,
brushing her long, blonde curls from her slender shoulders.

I sleep with stakes when I sense myself starstruck,
moved by the mountain of my muse,
how blue I become when she passes by without a glance,
my eyes aflame,
the embers as red as the honey I hunger for,
deep inside of her veins.

Such a soft smile from such a sweet girl.
Sometimes she smiles for me,
and I am reborn.
Such pearly, pristine skin that seems to shine like the sun,
a beacon to a lost soul who can barely resist the compulsion to sink her teeth into the sweetness of her skin.

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Cursed and Curious

Deep in the woods,
disguised by splintered branches and the shadows they show me,
I saw him.
Torn tatters of my terror on the tip of my tongue,
a scream that does not come,
my destructive demons are back at the border to his world,
and there has never been enough of my soul left to save me.
I wait for him to make a move,
the moon, making light of my darkest day,
the myth of a safe evening,
a chaste wander in the woods,
where nothing happens to girls in red,
and they arrive home, safe and sound.
He has my grandmother’s eyes,
clasped tightly in his fist,
and I am lost to the lycanthrope,
my eyes, a pretty edition to his necklace of sad gazes.