27, With A White Lighter – Visual Poem – Alternate Version

Hola amigos, You can now check out an alternate and expanded version of my latest visual poem, 27, With A White Lighter Besos, J x Read My Books Hear My Music RECENT FREE CREATIVE WRITING COLLECTIONS Drowning In Us What Ever Happened To Baby Jen? Notes To My Muse COME FIND ME Twitter Instagram Ask […]

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27, With A White Lighter

Hola amigos, You can now purchase or download my new poetry collection 27, With A White Lighter, in both Kindle and Paperback formats, using the links below. You can also visit to find out more information about the book, watch some preview videos, see what the reviewers thought, and order your copy. For today […]

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Chain Smoking

It wasn’t ever personal, until you were the only person I could think of, unintentional, so impractical, I began speaking in clichés and dreamy drooling. My eyes carved out, spinning wildly on the staff room table, as I placed marble hearts, where they used to reside. I had a lovely time, watching you chain smoke, […]

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