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There Is Nothing To Be Gained From Getting Out Of Bed

I can’t quite quit the quiet heaven of being held by you,
the heavy sigh of weary lovers filling the room,
your coffee, cooling on the bedside table,
chocolate bars for breakfast,
and a tender kiss for a sleep aid.
I am tired of the terror,
the outside world and all its horror.
You are so warm,
so familiar,
so, screw civilisation.
I don’t want to participate in anything but this.

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Plaything Of A Narcissist

She never met a mirror that she didn’t like,
never got tired of her own tones.
I understood,
because I was crazy about her,
caught up in how clever she is,
just another doll on her shelf,
spellbound and silent until she picks me up,
I purr, pulled pure from my senses by the softness of her fingertips.
She knows!
Of course,
she knows!
She is a bright beauty,
intellectual and enticing,
and I am at her mercy.
That’s just how I like it.

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Self Preservation For Dummies

I slept as best as I could,
surrounded by solemn, strange illusions,
that clung a little to me as I opened my eyes.
It was Sunday,
and all I wanted was the world,
but, first, breakfast.
Ice cream at four AM,
a cigarette in the quiet, crunching garden,
full of frost and forgotten flowerbeds.
There were hills and valleys waiting for my feet to find them,
but I watched the wind advance closer,
silver smoke that settled,
white army, with guns and gnashed teeth,
stomping up my path and all over my dying roses.
I buttoned up my winter coat,
and went back to bed.

The world would wait.

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Burning, Breaking

I burn like a blazing star,
the kind that cannot stay,
but strays from nature’s path,
putting on a show as I go on this last journey.

It’s just one, two, too many steps,
too many treads on the boards,
but I’m overboard now,
and this doesn’t mean death,
but I will be born again.

It’s over,
but it’s just beginning.