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The Catch That Was Never Caught

All that remained was the picture you painted with my plasma,
a monument to your lustful rage,
raining across the once sparkling kitchen floor,
falling into place,
forming macabre memories that you’ll run to the end of the earth to escape.
My existence echoes around an almost empty room,
ghost of a girl past,
gazing at you with glassy eyes,
their colour disappearing as I finally escape your grasp.
You unpack my insides,
dancing to the demands of your ariose axe,
remarking, with some snark,
that I have never looked more beautiful.

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Honey Kitten

Honey, I’m your kitten,
bitten by reality too many times to grow old,
so, I’m frozen in time,
like the peaches and limes we keep locked in the freezer drawer,
in case we have company.
I want you next to me,
fireworks collide in the sky when we kiss,
and I never know if they are real or a blissful dream,
but it doesn’t matter,
because I am your kitten,
frozen in time,
yours, as long as you’re mine.

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Nobody Remembers

I am in the dark,
the walls dance up and down the corridor,
a simple, sad song,
about how nobody will remember me when I’m gone.
My vanity is a victim to my suggestible nature,
and I start to wonder,
if nobody remembers,
then what was the point of the pain?
Nobody remembers my name,
and I don’t remember why I…

I don’t remember who I….

I planted daisies on the dark side of the moon for you,
but you weren’t moved.
You just moved on.
My body wasn’t even cold,
my soul was struggling to escape my corpse before burial,
but you weren’t moved.
I became a faded memory,
less clear with every passing second,
and nobody stopped by to water my babies when I passed.