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Naughty Tory

He said he was a bad husband,

but not a bad man,

not a criminal.

He says the case has been dropped.

He is a disgusting, slobbery mess.

He says it’s a misunderstanding.

He is chanting like a school yard maniac.

He says he’s a good man.

He had his face on her face.

He says he’s a victim.

He is a liar.

He sits in a palace,

full of bad husbands,

delusional dinner partners,

good men,

who’ve just had bad luck.

Broken girls,

who are all allegedly scheming,

to say those same bad words,

those shameful verses.

I said no.

I tried to run.

He chased me.

He hurt me.

He said he was a bad husband.

He was telling the truth.

He said he wasn’t a bad man.

He lied.

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