Britney Spears Is Not Crazy

They locked you up.

A prisoner, caged by photographers,

because your name is worth so much,

and your pretty face has a pretty price,

so you were hunted every night,

by the same demons that destroyed Diana.

They always want more from the girls who have given all they have,

stalking you through car parks,

constant shadow that you can’t shake off,

chanting rumours as they click and flash,

surrounding your frightened frame.

“She’s crazy!”

“She’s crazy!”

Crazy women, are often tired women.

Crazy women are women who have been patient and kind, for the longest time, but finally find the strength to say


Demons don’t like to be told no, so they’ll demonise you,

they’ll discredit you,

they’ll watch as you’re locked up,

telling the whole world that you’re a psycho,

when all you really are is a tired woman,

who just said no.


One response to “Britney Spears Is Not Crazy”

  1. patrick101010101

    I agree. Britney Spears isn’t cray nor mentally ill whatsoever. I feel so much pressure from being famous had altered her daily life so much there had been a lack of her living her own life as she had when she grew up, though as I’m told becoming famous changes people and how they live ie like being to dam careful at every last thing they do for various reasons, compare that to times how they grew up and how people grow up naturally each day that are not faced with the same types of social burdens. every last thing anyone famous says if their own tv is getting negligently racked over lately and I’m sick of it, things being turned into vast amounts of alleged things just because a person grew up with a phrase they would use or some kind of thing they would do to make it from day to day. I use to write to ms spears by us postal mail long ago a few times as well as other various stars in Hollywood in awe and wondering how they maintain themselves so much in unnaturally dramatic types of situations in daily life. those that have ridiculed and picked apart people for words in a sentence and or how they live their life is bey9ond pathetic! It’s really bad. I’ve been in the spotlight a few times and doesn’t much bother me to a degree yet can comprehend from the standpoint of a star that people picking apart things that weren’t meant to be picked apart is completely insane, infact, if you want my point of view, the people that did that to ms spears they need to be tried and convicted for theft of her money, and if the judicial branches hadn’t interveined then there is another problem that failure of law in the rights of a woman’s protection of her own things even if that is money. I was judged, occasionally poorly by a couple of neighbors that moved in not that long ago as they thought I was bothering other neighbors yet had no dam clue I was holding a community awareness as no one else would of the property damage that had taken place in our alley and of homeowners house and garages and yards, and got sick of it. I’m disabled, a veteran too, can’t hold a job due to the nature of my disability yet I took the time out to study what was happening and would open up to people a little at a time when originally I never had that as a course plan. we luckily had the money to go on a tiny vacation at one point and I come back and my garage had been broken into, an invention I was making sitting on my workbench was missing, tools were missing, and I was severely upset. I spent my lifes worth from what I know work on an energy machine and it was stolen! originally I never spoke to anyone, I kept to myself because I’m a poet, an inventor, and an author, I require time to have thought to think and spent my time working through the difficulties of a project I was working on, was successful, then it was stolen. so, id end up walking to and from a store to buy a can of beer, just one or two, i’d sit on a chair in my alley drinking the beer while upset, ended up talking to myself a few times out loud to let others know how I felt, I spent time in working on something that would have helped me as a man and a person to make it in their godforsaken world and it was ripped out from underneath me. so I probably looked really way out in left field cussing and mad when there wasn’t a shred of evidence to whom done it, and I still don’t know to this day. yet, while I’m upset, what I say when I’m upset gets looked at various ways and picked apart being called a metal bug and allegations that I’m bothering people coming from someone that just moved in on the street that made that remark solely due to I was and had been a friendly outgoing helpful man and their not, so the best they can do is ridicule me while I’m trying to help a family grieve of my next-door neighbor that passed away as I knew the woman that passed away for some time as she hung out with the others that lived in that same house before she moved into it. si never once bothered my neighbors yet held open conversations about and in regards of the nonsense that was happening in their own neighborhood. oh, by the way, during covid last year, I almost became an alcoholic, thank God above I didn’t! I’m not an addict either! So, i could imagine what the most famous stars really feel like at times. were all the same people no matter where ya look on this lonely earth that flys through the vast open space of a universe, like a ship, a boat as planet earth, just floating and spinning and moving through time while becoming polluted by the creatures that inhabit it. Perhaps I should have become an alcoholic in 2020, thank God I hadn’t, yet that is an expression of the way I felt. so, today, I’m putting up with the injuries from being hit by a car after all of that.


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