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Britney Spears Is Not Crazy

They locked you up.

A prisoner, caged by photographers,

because your name is worth so much,

and your pretty face has a pretty price,

so you were hunted every night,

by the same demons that destroyed Diana.

They always want more from the girls who have given all they have,

stalking you through car parks,

constant shadow that you can’t shake off,

chanting rumours as they click and flash,

surrounding your frightened frame.

“She’s crazy!”

“She’s crazy!”

Crazy women, are often tired women.

Crazy women are women who have been patient and kind, for the longest time, but finally find the strength to say


Demons don’t like to be told no, so they’ll demonise you,

they’ll discredit you,

they’ll watch as you’re locked up,

telling the whole world that you’re a psycho,

when all you really are is a tired woman,

who just said no.


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