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You sent me a text about how I looked on the beach last night, so I stole your eyes and used them to write a poem

Blue moon by the beach,
bottle of cider in your hand.
Blue Hawaii from the little speakers on your expensive phone.
I am at home in how good this all is.
You wore my favourite colour,
and you seemed to shine with the stars,
my heart taking flight, in the most grounded way.
Your skirt spun as you danced, with nobody in particular,
and I wished with all my heart that you’d fall in love with me.

There aren’t often nights like this,
where I can really feel the lovely loneliness of the night,
and though you’re out of my reach,
I can reach for you, with nobody else in my way,
grasping for a dream that will never come true, in peace.

It’s okay if you just want to drink and dance.
It’s okay if it’s only a paper moon.
I painted it blue, for you,
and we can build a life beneath its silvery sheen,
that will last as long as we let it,
if you’d like to.

You think you’re so pretty, don’t you?

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