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Just A Game – Part Five

October 1st 2022 – 21:01

Hi Morgan!

Great news, your supplies will be arriving tomorrow evening. We’ll schedule a meeting with your learning partner the next day, because your calendar shows that you aren’t working that day. Is that okay?

[Morgan: Yeah, that’s great. Thanks again Disco.]

No problem sweetie. Now, are you ready for another bonus question?

[Morgan: Sure am.]

Good! This one is worth another ten Disco Points.

What is stopping you from believing that you can achieve your dream?

[Morgan: I already screwed up… I didn’t get the grades to get into school the first time round and my parents were so disappointed. I’m scared of failing again.]

Hmm… I see. Do you understand now why I’m advising an alternative route to your dream?

[Morgan: Yeah… I guess so. Maybe you’re right. I tried it one way and it didn’t work out, so it’s time to try something new. Thanks Disco.]

No, thank you Morgan. Thank you for taking a chance on me and taking a chance on yourself. You’ve earned an additional fifteen Disco Points, because I snuck an extra question in!

[Morgan: Awesome, thanks.]

You’re only ten points away from getting to see the redeem store, and I’ve just added a new prize for you.

[Morgan: I’m excited to see it!]

Excited for you too, Morgan. Get some rest, and I’ll see you in the morning.


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