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Chosen Family

We have never been in love,

but his name is neatly sewn into the lining of my long suffering heart,

and it is the only part that has always been hallowed ground.

Slipping his hand into mine,

with a chaste, close kiss on the cheek,

he knows the pain of my path,

and chooses to comfort me,

with no malevolence,

no malice.

There is nobody on this Earth that I trust,

but he is not of this Earth,

ethereal and empathic,

chosen companion,

spiritual siblings,

swept into the cyclone,

dreaming and dancing from Kansas to Oz.

Jill and her best Judy,

against the world,

against the wall,

watching the endless war,

and then writing verses from the vials of blood that surround us.

I keep his name sewn into my heart,

and I leave him all of my ill gotten gains in the will.

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Pick Up a Book and Learn Your History

Our pages are torn and tarnished,

our past is vandalised and hunted,

and so we grasp at every colour of the rainbow,

holding tight with wounded hands,

to bruised chests,

with broken hearts.

We are a family,

related by our rejection,

meeting once a year,

all over the world,

some bursting with pride,

some in a necessary disguise,

but each of us knows that we are connected by our colours,

sewn together by the shadows of the ones who came before us.

Their shadows are beautiful but tortured,

taken from us too soon,


left to die in lonely hospital rooms,

locked from the ones who love them,

by the prejudice of bureaucracy and the hate that fuels it.

They are our pages now,

pages we should memorise, memorialise,

make bright with love and kindness,

building a better world,

where our pages will never be torn again.

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Call For Submissions!

Hola amigos,

I’m currently working on the next episode of my poetry radio show, Diverse Verse, as part of Alphabet Radio, and I am looking to feature poets. I am looking for poets who would be interested in sharing readings of their own work, or readings of their favourite poems, as well as poets who would be interested in being interviewed.

Submissions are open worldwide.

If you are interested, please complete your details here.


J x