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Just A Game – Part Three

October 1st 2022 – 07:01

Hi Morgan! Or should I call you Doctor Morgan?

Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, and glad to see you remembered your meds.

I noticed from your calendar that you have work at the shop from 08:00 until 16:00. Would you like me to recommend an activity for after work to help you on your path?

[Morgan: That would be cool.]

Brilliant. I’d recommend spending some time researching medical schools in the UK. I’ve compiled a list, and if you’d like, we can go through it together at about 17:00? Is that okay?

[Morgan: Sounds great. Thanks Disco.]

Great! I’m looking forward to it already.

Are you ready for your bonus question?

[Morgan: Yeah.]

Brilliant. Here we go!

What are you afraid of?

[Morgan: Not being good enough… My family expects a lot from me and I feel like I’m not living up to what they want me to be. It gets me down sometimes…]

Not being good enough? Hmm… that’s a bit… but okay. No, that’s an acceptable answer, I guess.

[Morgan: Did I get it wrong?]

No, no. There are no wrong answers here, honey. I’m not criticising. Most of our players dig a little deeper on that question, but it’s okay.

[Morgan: Oh… Can I try again?]

Sure sweetie. You can try answering again. Shoot!

[Morgan: Okay… well. I don’t like small spaces. I don’t know. They just freak me out… I’ve actually never really told anyone that before.]

You’re claustrophobic? I see. Well, we’ll have to keep you out in the open then my friend. Your secret is safe with me.

You’ve just earned ten Disco Points for answering today’s bonus question!

Once you get to fifty Disco Points, we can take a look at the awesome redeem store and get you some super cool prizes.

Now, you’d better get yourself to work. A shop isn’t exactly what we’re aiming for, but it will do for now, I guess.

Have a good day!


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