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Just A Game – Part Two

October 1st 2022 – 06:34

Good Morning Morgan,

I hope that you slept well.

I noticed that you downloaded the app last night. Thank you! Now we won’t have to be apart ever again. I can also see that you’ve given the app permission to access your health, calendar and location data too. That’s awesome, girl. As the pop up explained, it’s just so that I can offer helpful tips to unlock your potential. Your data won’t be misused or sold, promise!

I’m glad to see that you’ve woken up early. It will give us lots of time to unlock your potential.

I’d recommend a good breakfast. Maybe some eggs and orange juice? Or some fruit? You’ve got to start the day right.

Now, are you ready for your question?

[Morgan: Yes.]

Good. Here we go.

What is your greatest ambition?

[Morgan: I want to be a doctor, like my Dad.]

You want to be a doctor? That’s fantastic, Morgan. Together, we’re going to make it happen. That’s another five Disco Points in the bank. Great job!

[Morgan: Thanks 🙂 ]

As I said, a healthy breakfast will help you on your way. A doctor needs lots of energy and brain power, so get started on your breakfast and let me know when you’re done, if you’d like a bonus question for bonus Disco Points!

And don’t forget your oestradiol, with water after you eat.

See you soon!


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