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Just A Game – Part Six

October 2nd 2022 – 06:15

Good morning Morgan!

How are you feeling this morning?

[Morgan: Good! What do you think about a fruit salad for breakfast?]

Sounds perfect! Hope it’s yummy. Are you ready for your next question?

[Morgan: Sure 🙂 Let’s go!]

Okay, great! This one is worth another five Disco Points.

Have you ever taken a life?

[Morgan: Um… no. Of course not haha!]

Just checking lol. That’s another five points earned! You’re so close to unveiling your prizes!

Your delivery is coming this evening, so I’ll keep an eye on the tracking and let you know when it’s arriving.

You finish work at 16:00, right?

[Morgan: Yep. Will I need to bring anything home for the revision session tomorrow?]

No, just bring yourself!

Get some breakfast, take your meds and I’ll see you when you finish work.


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