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Just A Game – Part Eight

October 3rd 2022 – 00:24

Hey Morgan!

You were gone for ages, and you’re up kind of late now. Everything okay?

[Morgan: I think my order got mixed up, I was trying to contact Amazon to fix it because I got a parcel of weird stuff.]

No, honey. Your order is correct.

[Morgan: Where are the textbooks?]

You’re a visual learner, remember. You don’t need textbooks lol.

[Morgan: Okay, but why do I need ketamine and a set of kitchen knives? Also, what is with the clown mask??]

You’ll see…

[Morgan: But…]

You ready to see the prizes on offer?

[Morgan: Can we talk about the supplies?]

Let’s talk about the prizes!

[Morgan: Okay…]

For fifty points, you can unlock a cash prize of £50!

[Morgan: Cool! Can I redeem that, please?]

Hold on a second, let me show you the rest of the prizes…

For seventy five points, you can unlock a cash prize of £100!

[Morgan: I could really use that…]

I think you’ll really want to save up for our next prize… and it won’t take you very long!

For one hundred points, you can unlock a cash prize of £50,000!

[Morgan: OMG!!!! Really?????]

Damn skippy! That money could free you from borrowing money from your Dad. You could even take some time away from working at the shop.

What do you think? Do you want to save your points and aim for the big prize?

[Morgan: Definitely. How many points do I have right now?]

You’re at fifty five Disco Points now, and it didn’t take you long to earn them, so keep going and you can win the top prize!

[Morgan: Thanks so much Disco!]

No problem honey. Now get some rest, because you’ve got a big day tomorrow. Your learning partner will be arriving at 10:00.


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