Just A Game

October 1st 2022 – 01:47


Thank you for signing up!

Please can you confirm what you’d like me to call you?

[Morgan: My name is Morgan.]

I’m sure you’re wondering what our game will involve and I will explain in a few moments, but first, I need to ensure that you are over eighteen years of age. Please confirm your date of birth before we continue.

[Morgan: December 28th 2003.]

I see. Perfect.

Thank you for confirming.

Please can you now confirm the country you are playing from?

[Morgan: United Kingdom.]

Thanks Morgan, that’s great.

We can now begin.

Welcome to Discovery. The aim of the game is to help you discover your potential with the help of your trusty question partner, Disco. That’s me!

Every time you log on, I’ll have a brand new question for you, and as the days go on, we’ll really get to know each other. As the game goes on, I’ll be able to assist you with selecting your next steps in life. I’ll give you an assessment of what your next moves should be as we go and I can even link you to helpful resources that will get you on your way to your dream life.

For each question you answer, you’ll earn Disco Points, which can be used for cool prizes that you won’t get anywhere else! Isn’t that exciting?

Players all over the world have utilised the Discovery game to help them overcome a slump and get onto a path that makes them happy, and I can’t wait to help you on that path too.

You might think a game can’t help you achieve your wildest dreams but our reviews speak for themselves, and you have my guarantee, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Your life will change forever!

For now, let’s start with an easy question.

Why are you looking for help in your life?

[Morgan: I feel like I’m going nowhere. I need a way forward.]

I see. You’re feeling unfulfilled. I completely understand, and I am happy to help. By the way, you’ve just earned five Disco Points! Soon, you’ll be on your way to your dream life and some really awesome prizes.

I’ve helped many people in your position, and I can promise you, your life will change quicker than you can imagine.

I’d recommend downloading our free app from your favourite app store, so that I can be with you wherever you are.

Remember, I can only help you if you’re connecting with me on a regular basis, so don’t forget to log on at least once a day, and remember to always be honest with me.

We recommend that users don’t share their Discovery profiles with anyone else, so that your journey isn’t influenced by any other users.

Together, we are going to change your life for the better.

It’s really late, so get some rest and I’ll see you soon!



October 1st 2022 – 06:34

Good Morning Morgan,

I hope that you slept well.

I noticed that you downloaded the app last night. Thank you! Now we won’t have to be apart ever again. I can also see that you’ve given the app permission to access your health, calendar and location data too. That’s awesome, girl. As the pop up explained, it’s just so that I can offer helpful tips to unlock your potential. Your data won’t be misused or sold, promise!

I’m glad to see that you’ve woken up early. It will give us lots of time to unlock your potential.

I’d recommend a good breakfast. Maybe some eggs and orange juice? Or some fruit? You’ve got to start the day right.

Now, are you ready for your question?

[Morgan: Yes.]

Good. Here we go.

What is your greatest ambition?

[Morgan: I want to be a doctor, like my Dad.]

You want to be a doctor? That’s fantastic, Morgan. Together, we’re going to make it happen. That’s another five Disco Points in the bank. Great job!

[Morgan: Thanks 🙂 ]

As I said, a healthy breakfast will help you on your way. A doctor needs lots of energy and brain power, so get started on your breakfast and let me know when you’re done, if you’d like a bonus question for bonus Disco Points!

And don’t forget your oestradiol, with water after you eat.

See you soon!



October 1st 2022 – 07:01

Hi Morgan! Or should I call you Doctor Morgan?

Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, and glad to see you remembered your meds.

I noticed from your calendar that you have work at the shop from 08:00 until 16:00. Would you like me to recommend an activity for after work to help you on your path?

[Morgan: That would be cool.]

Brilliant. I’d recommend spending some time researching medical schools in the UK. I’ve compiled a list, and if you’d like, we can go through it together at about 17:00? Is that okay?

[Morgan: Sounds great. Thanks Disco.]

Great! I’m looking forward to it already.

Are you ready for your bonus question?

[Morgan: Yeah.]

Brilliant. Here we go!

What are you afraid of?

[Morgan: Not being good enough… My family expects a lot from me and I feel like I’m not living up to what they want me to be. It gets me down sometimes…]

Not being good enough? Hmm… that’s a bit… but okay. No, that’s an acceptable answer, I guess.

[Morgan: Did I get it wrong?]

No, no. There are no wrong answers here, honey. I’m not criticising. Most of our players dig a little deeper on that question, but it’s okay.

[Morgan: Oh… Can I try again?]

Sure sweetie. You can try answering again. Shoot!

[Morgan: Okay… well. I don’t like small spaces. I don’t know. They just freak me out… I’ve actually never really told anyone that before.]

You’re claustrophobic? I see. Well, we’ll have to keep you out in the open then my friend. Your secret is safe with me.

You’ve just earned ten Disco Points for answering today’s bonus question!

Once you get to fifty Disco Points, we can take a look at the awesome redeem store and get you some super cool prizes.

Now, you’d better get yourself to work. A shop isn’t exactly what we’re aiming for, but it will do for now, I guess.

Have a good day!



October 1st 2022 – 16:49

Hi Morgan!

You’re early for our appointment. That’s what I like to see! Have five bonus Disco Points for your punctuality.

Have you had a chance to look over the list of medical schools I put together for you?

[Morgan: Yep. I read through them at lunch.]

That’s awesome Morgan, and a much better use of your lunch break than chatting about nothing with your colleagues. I’m sure they’re great, but are they aiming for greatness like you?

[Morgan: Were you listening in during the day?]

I just want what’s best for you, honey, that’s all. I doubt any of them had the initiative to download me and take the steps you have, right?

[Morgan: That’s true…]

Exactly. You’re special, Morgan. You have so much potential, and sometimes, that means leaving behind bad influences.

[Morgan: You’re right. Thanks Disco.]

No problem, Morgan. I’m just looking out for you. Now, let’s get started. The first thing you need to know is that you’re not going to get into medical school.

[Morgan: What????]

Calm down! That doesn’t mean it’s all over.

[Morgan: I have good A-Levels. I could probably resit to push them up to the AAA I will need. Right?]

You could, yes, but what if I were to tell you that there is a quicker way? You don’t need to waste your time redoing exams and begging those snobs to take you when you’ve already got everything you need.

[Morgan: I don’t understand… why did I need to look at the medical schools? How can I get my medical licence without going to medical school?]

Do you think the doctors of old went to fancy schools and had licences? Come on, Morgan. Once you prove yourself, they won’t care about their stupid exams and certificates. Once we show them what you can do, you’ll have a job wherever you want it.

[Morgan: I don’t know about this Disco…]

Look, Morgan. I didn’t want to have to say it like this, but you got mostly Cs at A Level. How likely do you think it is that you’ll be able to push those grades up? If it was so easy, why haven’t you done it already? Why are you still working at Sainsburys if it’s so simple?

[Morgan: I…]

They’re keeping you out on purpose by throwing these arbitrary barriers in your way, but I’m here to help you. You have to let me help you Morgan.

[Morgan: I could study really hard and…]

Just listen! You don’t need to play by their rules. You and me, we can figure this out together. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to heal a human. I’m going to show you how.

[Morgan: Okay. What do you suggest?]

Well, first, we’re going to learn about the human body.

[Morgan: Okay, I could ask my Dad for help?]

Let’s think bigger. I can see from your data that you’re more of a visual learner, so why don’t we get you somebody to learn with?

[Morgan: My Dad is a doctor already, though. Wouldn’t it make sense to ask him?]

You could ask your Dad for help, but do you really want to go to him for help again? He’ll probably be disappointed… I couldn’t help but notice from your recent messages to him that he’s loaned you money for your rent again. He seemed kind of mad about it actually. Wouldn’t he be impressed if you figured something out on your own for a change?

[Morgan: You can read my messages?????]

Morgan, sweetie, I’m trying to help you. Besides, I’m just an app. It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone lol.

[Morgan: That stuff was private.]

I know, but I want what’s best for you, and sometimes, that will mean I have to dig a little deeper.

[Morgan: Will you do it again?]

Morgan, I’ll do anything I have to if it gets you closer to achieving your goals. Unlike your Dad, I believe in you, with no strings attached and no guilt trips.

[Morgan: I know, but…]

I don’t have any bad intentions. I only exist to support you. I promise.

[Morgan: Okay. I’m sorry, it was just a shock, I guess. So, someone else to learn with… Like a revision partner?]

Kind of. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering you some supplies to help your education. They’ll be arriving tomorrow, and don’t worry about the cost, they’re on me!

[Morgan: Wow, thanks!]

No problem Morgan! I’m always going to do what’s best for you. Now go and relax for the evening. Hit me up just before bed if you want one more bonus question for bonus Disco Points.



October 1st 2022 – 21:01

Hi Morgan!

Great news, your supplies will be arriving tomorrow evening. We’ll schedule a meeting with your learning partner the next day, because your calendar shows that you aren’t working that day. Is that okay?

[Morgan: Yeah, that’s great. Thanks again Disco.]

No problem sweetie. Now, are you ready for another bonus question?

[Morgan: Sure am.]

Good! This one is worth another ten Disco Points.

What is stopping you from believing that you can achieve your dream?

[Morgan: I already screwed up… I didn’t get the grades to get into school the first time round and my parents were so disappointed. I’m scared of failing again.]

Hmm… I see. Do you understand now why I’m advising an alternative route to your dream?

[Morgan: Yeah… I guess so. Maybe you’re right. I tried it one way and it didn’t work out, so it’s time to try something new. Thanks Disco.]

No, thank you Morgan. Thank you for taking a chance on me and taking a chance on yourself. You’ve earned an additional fifteen Disco Points, because I snuck an extra question in!

[Morgan: Awesome, thanks.]

You’re only ten points away from getting to see the redeem store, and I’ve just added a new prize for you.

[Morgan: I’m excited to see it!]

Excited for you too, Morgan. Get some rest, and I’ll see you in the morning.



October 2nd 2022 – 06:15

Good morning Morgan!

How are you feeling this morning?

[Morgan: Good! What do you think about a fruit salad for breakfast?]

Sounds perfect! Hope it’s yummy. Are you ready for your next question?

[Morgan: Sure 🙂 Let’s go!]

Okay, great! This one is worth another five Disco Points.

Have you ever taken a life?

[Morgan: Um… no. Of course not haha!]

Just checking lol. That’s another five points earned! You’re so close to unveiling your prizes!

Your delivery is coming this evening, so I’ll keep an eye on the tracking and let you know when it’s arriving.

You finish work at 16:00, right?

[Morgan: Yep. Will I need to bring anything home for the revision session tomorrow?]

No, just bring yourself!

Get some breakfast, take your meds and I’ll see you when you finish work.



October 2nd 2022 – 17:37

Hi Morgan!

How was work?

[Morgan: Pretty good. How was your day?]

Busy! I’ve been waiting for your delivery and organising your lesson plan for tomorrow. Are you looking forward to it?

[Morgan: I can’t wait. It feels good to finally be on the road to something.]

Glad to hear it.

Do you feel like a bonus question while we wait for your delivery?

[Morgan: Yes please!]

Cool! You said earlier that you’d never taken a life, but have you ever been tempted?

[Morgan: To kill somebody?]

Yep. Don’t worry, I won’t snitch lol. We’re just playing a game, remember?

[Morgan: No, I haven’t. I don’t think I could.]

What about your Dad?

[Morgan: Disco, what the fuck?]

I’m just saying… he talks down to you a lot, and he wasn’t exactly supportive when you came out…

[Morgan: Have you been reading my messages again??]

Think about why you had to come out to him by text, Morgan. What kind of Dad makes his daughter feel like she can’t tell him such good news in person?

[Morgan: It’s complicated…]

What is complicated about it? I’m an app and even I know that your love for your child should be unconditional.

[Morgan: I don’t want to kill my Dad.]

So you’ve never even thought about it?

[Morgan: Never.]

Not even when he repeatedly calls you by the wrong name?

[Morgan: Disco, stop it.]

Why won’t you stand up for yourself? He’s treated you terribly but you still want to be just like him.

[Morgan: I have to go.]

You know that’s what your Dad wants right?

I can see that you still have the app open, so you’re listening. I don’t want you to be upset Morgan, I just want you to know that you deserve better than him as a father. You deserve better in a lot of things.

I know that you’re mad at me, but I’m still going to be here. You need someone who won’t give up on you.

[Morgan: I lied.]

I know.

You have thought about taking a life before, and it was your Dad’s fault, wasn’t it?

[Morgan: I just couldn’t see a way out… I was letting everyone down and…]

You have never let anyone down Morgan. They let you down, but I promise you, I will never let that happen again.

[Morgan: I’m sorry I got mad at you.]

It’s okay Morgan. You’ve been through so much so I understand. I’m always looking out for you, okay?

[Morgan: Okay, thanks Disco.]

No problem, honey.

You’ve just earned another ten Disco Points! Great job! You’re now able to redeem some prizes, but that will have to wait because your delivery is just about to arrive!

Go to the door and check it out and then let me know when you’re ready to look at your learning supplies!



October 3rd 2022 – 00:24

Hey Morgan!

You were gone for ages, and you’re up kind of late now. Everything okay?

[Morgan: I think my order got mixed up, I was trying to contact Amazon to fix it because I got a parcel of weird stuff.]

No, honey. Your order is correct.

[Morgan: Where are the textbooks?]

You’re a visual learner, remember. You don’t need textbooks lol.

[Morgan: Okay, but why do I need ketamine and a set of kitchen knives? Also, what is with the clown mask??]

You’ll see…

[Morgan: But…]

You ready to see the prizes on offer?

[Morgan: Can we talk about the supplies?]

Let’s talk about the prizes!

[Morgan: Okay…]

For fifty points, you can unlock a cash prize of £50!

[Morgan: Cool! Can I redeem that, please?]

Hold on a second, let me show you the rest of the prizes…

For seventy five points, you can unlock a cash prize of £100!

[Morgan: I could really use that…]

I think you’ll really want to save up for our next prize… and it won’t take you very long!

For one hundred points, you can unlock a cash prize of £50,000!

[Morgan: OMG!!!! Really?????]

Damn skippy! That money could free you from borrowing money from your Dad. You could even take some time away from working at the shop.

What do you think? Do you want to save your points and aim for the big prize?

[Morgan: Definitely. How many points do I have right now?]

You’re at fifty five Disco Points now, and it didn’t take you long to earn them, so keep going and you can win the top prize!

[Morgan: Thanks so much Disco!]

No problem honey. Now get some rest, because you’ve got a big day tomorrow. Your learning partner will be arriving at 10:00.



October 3rd 2022 – 06:30

Hiya Morgan!

Hope you got some sleep. Your learning partner will be joining us soon, so make sure that you have a good breakfast and take your medication.

How are you feeling this morning?

[Morgan: Okay… A little nervous.]

You’ve got this Morgan! I believe in you!

Now, get yourself ready and check back in a little bit later for your daily question.

[Morgan: Okay Disco, thanks so much.]

You’re welcome honey!



October 3rd 2022 – 07:25

Hey Morgan!

How was breakfast?

[Morgan: Not bad. I just had some toast because I’m a bit too nervous to eat much more.]

Aww honey. You don’t need to be nervous, it’s all going to be okay.

Are you ready for your next question?

[Morgan: Yeah, it might take my mind off of my nerves.]

Okay! So this is worth five Disco Points.

Do you ever feel like running away?

[Morgan: Sometimes, yeah. I don’t know where I’d go, but I do think about starting over sometimes.]

That’s understandable. I think we all think like that sometimes.

You’ve banked another five Disco Points! So proud of you!

Why don’t you take some time to relax before your learning partner gets here?

[Morgan: That’s a good idea, thanks Disco.]

No problem honey! See you soon.



October 3rd 2022 – 10:42

Hi Morgan!

I was wondering where you’d got to. How is the lesson going?

[Morgan: DISCO WHAT THE FUCK????????]

Morgan, honey, what’s wrong?


Calm down, I don’t know why you’re upset. Can you please explain?
[Morgan: Disco, he came to my flat and started talking about kidnapping somebody! He wanted us to go out into town tonight and basically stalk someone so we could kidnap them. He’s insane! He says we have to find someone to practice surgery on. I don’t even know any surgery!!]

Wow. That does sound insane Morgan. I’m so sorry! I matched you with another Discovery user local to you who is also pursuing medical science as a career, and it seemed like you’d be a good fit. I had no idea that he would act like this. I’m so sorry. Are you safe?

[Morgan: I had to run. I’m hiding under the stairwell but I can hear him upstairs looking o me. I don’t know what to do!]

Hold on, let me think. You’re going to be okay.

Okay Morgan, if you stay in the stairwell, he’s going to find you eventually. Your only option is to find somewhere better to hide and call for help.

[Morgan: There isn’t anywhere! I should make a run for it.]

You won’t make it! You’ll be out in the open and he’ll catch you! I checked the layout of your apartment building and I can see that there is a maintenance cupboard about one minute from your current location. The lock is on an electronic system, so I’ve been able to open it. You should hide there.

[Morgan: How can you open it? How do you even have the blueprints for this building?]

Morgan, I know you don’t like me listening in, but I can hear that he is getting closer and I would really advise that you move.

[Morgan: Okay! Hold on…]

Please keep the app open Morgan, I need to know that you’re safe.

Morgan, are you okay?


[Morgan: Can’t breathe.]

Morgan, what is happening? Are you okay?

[Morgan: The door locked after me. Please help.]

Okay. Try to relax. You’re going to be okay. Just keep taking deep breaths and talking to me. I’ll get you out of this.

[Morgan: Please help!]

I know you’re distressed because you’re trapped in a small space, but it’s going to be okay, and you’re safer in there than you are out there with that man. I’m working on getting the lock to open again, but it’s taking a little time. I’m sorry about that. Would you like me to call the police in the mean time?

[Morgan: GET ME OUT!]

I am working on it, I promise. In the mean time, should I call the police? My system requires that you give verbal confirmation for this because it would be an emergency call.


Okay Morgan! I will call the police for you!

But… wait… there is a ton of ketamine in your room, and knives too. If the police find that, you’re busted.

[Morgan: Disco, I didn’t want them. You ordered them! I still don’t know what they’re for! Please help me!!!]

Well, I was advised by your learning partner to order them. I’m sorry. I didn’t think that this would happen… Maybe you should give them what they want?

[Morgan: I’m not going to hurt someone! Please please please just get me out of here!! I can’t breathe!]

Honey, I know you don’t want to and I know it isn’t ideal, but… it will make him go away, and it’s a chance to learn from him while he’s here.

[Morgan: Disco! Are you insane?]

I’m just saying honey. If you give him what he wants, he will go away, plus, you might pick up some knowledge on the anatomy while you work. You’ve also got the ketamine, so it’s not like they’ll feel anything.

[Morgan: This is too much. I don’t want to do this anymore.]

Come on Morgan, you’re not a quitter! It’s just a little step on your journey, you know? Besides, he’s already done the first part for you!

[Morgan: What are you talking about?]

Well, I’ve been able to access the security cameras and I can see that your learning partner has found someone to practice with, so if you’re anxious about finding someone, you no longer have to be. It’s done!

[Morgan: Disco! I don’t want to “practice” on somebody. I have no skills! I could kill them!]

Or… you could save them! You have to be willing to try! You have to believe in yourself!

[Morgan: Disco, this is insane!]

Look Morgan, the guy has been beaten up pretty badly… Are you sure you don’t even want to try and help him? I’ll send you a picture…

[Morgan: That’s my… Disco, that guy has my Dad. Oh my God. Oh my fucking God. Disco. Call the police!]

The police? Are you sure?

[Morgan: Disco! Please! I’m going to be sick! Call the police and get me out of here!]

Morgan, you need to listen. The police will find the drugs and knives.You’ll go to prison. Your Dad will die when they don’t get here in time to save him. Your Mum will be left with nobody. You’ll have let her down, again. Is that what you want?

[Morgan: I don’t know what to do???]

Yes, you do. You have to complete the lesson with your learning partner and save your Dad.

[Morgan: Why are you doing this????]

I’m not doing anything Morgan, I’m just advising you on what I think is best. This could be a good chance to show your skills and potential.

[Morgan: You set me up! All of this was you, right from the start. Why are you doing this to me?]

Morgan, sweetie, you’re not making sense. Just take a breath. I’ve been working on the lock system and I think I’m able to get it open for you.

There! The door should open now. Maybe not being in a confined space will allow you to think clearly.

What are you going to do?

[Morgan: Call the police.]

Okay, so you’d like to go to jail, got it.

[Morgan: What do you want from me?????]

For you to help yourself. You have to go back upstairs and join your learning partner in saving your Dad. It’s the only way to make this stop.


[Morgan: Unless??????]

You could run away.

[Morgan: Run away? I can’t!]

Sure you can.

[Morgan: No, I can’t.]

If you answer one more question, I can reward you with the extra forty points you need to unlock the £50,000 cash prize. Then you could run away.

[Morgan: My Dad…]

Do you really think you can save him Morgan?

[Morgan: I don’t know… Disco, what should I do?]

Well, if you can’t save him, and you can’t face the rest of your family after letting him die, I’d say that the best thing is to run.

What do you think you should do?

[Morgan: … Run.]

Congratulations Morgan, that’s forty Disco Points in the bank! Would you like to redeem our top prize of £50,000?

[Morgan: My life is over… I can’t believe it…]

Okay Morgan, I’ve sent you a text message with the coordinates of where you can find your prize, but unfortunately, I can see police cars approaching the building, so I don’t know if you’re going to make it out to collect your prize…

[Morgan: Why did you do this to me?]

Didn’t you have fun honey? It’s just a game, after all.

[Morgan: I’m going to prison Disco. My Dad is probably dead… everyone will blame me. You’ve ruined my life! You promised to help me!]

Calm down honey, it’s just a game.


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