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Go To Bed, Francesco

Before you dawdle off to dream land,
don’t forget to check under your bed,
and to sweep the shadowy kingdom that grows behind your door as the lights dim to nothing.

He might be coming.

Who is he?
I couldn’t say.
I’d scare you half to death,
but you should know that he gnaws on little boys who wander out of bed.

There’s no way to know if he has spotted you as he goes to complete his rounds,
no way to know if he’ll devour you, after breaking through your bounds.

Check under your bed,
behind the door and at the back of your wardrobe,
line up your teddy bears like an army by your bedside,
but be prepared for the worst night of your life if he decides to find you.

Close your eyes as the sky gets dark and cover up your head.
Don’t leave a torch or candle shining or you just might end up dead.

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