That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore, and I’m Afraid That It Never Was

God damn, I tire of “good intentions”.
I’m supposed to swallow my feelings,
because you meant well,
I don’t care if you did,
it was shit,
and I’m tired of the quickness with which bitches will tell me to “lighten up and appreciate a well intentioned joke :)”

You’re not a baby,
not a child,
not an idiot.
You take great pride in being clever,
so don’t play dumb with me and whine about your “good intentions”,
as if I really have to listen,
to the poor execution of your commentary on executions that don’t involve you.

Gallows humour is only gay (as in happy) if you’re not faraway and safe,
with your neck nowhere near the rope,
but still,
you insist on the existence of this mess.
You’re not gay (as in homo),
so don’t wave our flag and make cracks about heads on spikes,
when your head would be fine if it woke up in Qatar.

Your attempt at preparing a salad of strange fruit fell flat,
but you keep at it,
telling us to laugh,
with a pleading look,
same energy as “Please clap” from the lips of Jeb Bush.
There isn’t a joke here,
because I’m not funny,
but darling, neither are you.

One response to “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore, and I’m Afraid That It Never Was”

  1. I love the fire here 🔥

    The guise of hiding malignancy, passive aggressiveness and contempt under the pretense of a “joke” is so saturated. No-one falls for this cheap trick, not unless they’re still in kindergarten.

    The language you displayed here is the only language they’ll ever hear. That and leaving them (if they don’t listen or respect your boundaries).

    “Someone else would’ve loved the joke” seems to be their go-to when you call them out though lol

    To which I always say “I’m not that someone else. Adjust your humor accordingly or accept that we’re incompatible in that regard”

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