I Finally Climbed The Mountain and Then You Pulled Me Back Down

I am lost under a lie,
piled upon by people with no stakes and too much time,
and I am the most desirable demon,
sought after but shouted at,
punished for stepping outside of a box I didn’t even notice I was in.

Cast in a dream that could never come true,
playing opposite a dreamer who depends on me to read a script,
but the script seems so strange,
it sits unnaturally on my tongue,
and what is this language?

They speak of me like I am a wild wind,
a bubbling brook who can break out and embark on new adventures and new directions,
but they begin to cry upon discovering that I am a mountain.

I am still, steady and staying put,
scaled by my self doubt and at last, standing tall,
but just as I pushed my luscious lips against the peak,
I was pulled into a scene that was not mine,
a lie that felt divinely out to get me,
and a dream that could never come true.

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