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Our First Christmas

The Queen’s Speech will be on soon.
We are in a palace of ripped wrapping paper and sentimental consumerism,
playing house under the Christmas tree,
as the aroma of dinner beckons from the kitchen.
You trace the diamonds that you’ve left on my neck,
soft whispers, with a bottle of cheap booze between us,
as the anthem rings out from the ignored television set.

You spill vodka down my dress,
the sailor stripes across my chest are wet,
your former drink working it’s way through the fabric, to my breasts,
and you are so apologetic,
dabbing, so dramatic, with the napkins that were left on the coffee table.

Tinsel tangled around my wrists,
fevered, delirious kisses,
our bodies glisten and glow under the flicker of fairy lights,
and your voice is warm, as it whispers in my ear.

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Christmas Kiss

A little Christmas kiss,

sweet strands of hope,

joining in the soft morning sunlight,

souls and hearts tied,

as two magpies stare in awe,

far up in the sky.

This day is blessed,

and all that happens will be beautiful.

I gaze out of frosted windows,

my only wish,

so far away,

but inevitable.

Separation is desperate to bring tears to my eyes,

but I am stronger than my isolation,

and I know,

someday soon,

we will sit,

smiling and staring like those magpies,

sharing a Christmas kiss,

in Spring.

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Open Your Heart

Panicked pain,

sharp, strangled scream under the moonlight,

abandoned and alone,

doors closed,

as a family is followed by a star,

fates sealed,

destiny dripping from the legs of a lady that needs a sit down,

needs to push,

needs to scream,

needs a hot bath and a glass of Prosecco.

It takes great kindness,

to cut up what little you have,

hand it around,

half for you,

half for a stranger,

that sits in tears, at your door,

desperate and downtrodden.

It takes great courage,

to open the door,

to let unfamiliar footprints find your carpet,

to say “You’re welcome here.”

Be brave, and kind,

this Christmas,

because the streets have made the acquaintance of many an abandoned set of footprints.

There are faces in the darkness,

without stars to help us find them,

unnerved and unwelcomed, by those who have warm hallways and warm beds.

Wars spill across oceans,

the shards of broken glass decorate the night’s sky.

Let your eyes be captured,

let them follow the rays of hope in the darkness,

let them lead you towards kindness.

Let yourself be brave.

Donate to Mind Out to help LGBT people

Donate to Centre Point to help Homeless Youth

Donate to Fareshare to help feed vulnerable people in the UK

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Diverse Verse – Christmas Special

Hola amigos,

You can now stream and download the Diverse Verse Christmas Special, featuring some great Christmas music, and some poetry from Christoper Sedgwick, Leika Molly, Carol Ann Duffy and October Falls.

Diverse Verse – Christmas Special – Spotify Version


J x