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Some Girls Just Need To Be Influenced

I cut rivers from the mountains,

of a man’s chest,

swimming in scarlet,

because you ask it of me.

I fall asleep every night,

with my head on your knee,

your voice is my lullaby,

and I dream of violent delights,

my Charlie, blue.

Silver blade in my belt,

your ideas inched inside my head,

your kiss,

addictive like cocaine.


Don’t you know that I’d do anything for you?


Don’t you know that I loved you the most?

I would never run.

My guilt grows,

thick and heavy in the air,

red oceans,

around my ankles,

then hem lines,

arms and eyelashes.

I would never run.


because I let you leave me powerless.

My hair is long,

parted how you like it.

My eyes are glowing,

when you cross their gaze.

My lips are saying yes,

before you even speak,