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Everything Was Clear

Caught your eye under the kissing tree,
kept you close,
kept repeating the promise I’d made,
it lay just under my tongue,
and I could taste it,
sour and so full of judgement,
but you,
you were so close and so corrupting.

My eyes were entranced by your well developed… personality,
and there was a cacophony of conflict in my mind,
but as you captured my gaze, and then conquered my lips,
everything was clear, for the very first time.

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Jesus The Shipper

Jesus was busy doing his nails,
on a cloud and out of his mind,
and even if his eyes were upon us,
never doubt that he would give us his blessing.
Nothing on Earth has the same sweetness.
All over the world, they know this to be true.

Life is full of little expedient moments.
Of all the mountains, we made our home on the tallest,
vaulting from heaven to hell each morning.
Every second felt exceptional,
sensational, but so sentimental.

All that you are is everything.
Sons of God may never understand,
horrified or honoured to witness the sight of us.
Let it matter less, my darling.
It’s just love, my daring darling.

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Death To Lightning

I started shooting lightning after I left you.
I didn’t want it to strike,
to smite me with the kind of love that would live on forever,
I said “never again” to the never ending nightmare of euphoric, dawning affection.

I pulled it down from the sky and choked each bolt until it was lifeless,
scolding it for being so vindictive,
visiting, with visions of violet,
all the things that could be,
if I remained a player in this game,
all the things that can never happen,
if I am to remain sensible and of sound mind.

I choked them to death,
until each last spluttering cry was silent,
but I was not at peace.
I don’t think it was ever really about that.

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She Was So Passionate

Your temper tarnished the night,
tempestuous temptress,
sweeping me into sweet cyclones,
but I didn’t mind at all.
So enthralled,
enchanted by the rise and fall of your chest as you pinned me to the painted wall with a passionate kiss.

You could start an argument in an empty, echoing room,
and I adore it,
aching for the anger in your eyes,
a kiss so hard that my heart is bruised in the most beautiful way.

I’ll scratch that itch that drives you out of your mind,
make a wish,
kissing under excited, unfortunate stars that couldn’t quite stay up where they belonged.
They clatter, collapsing all around us,
your ring, around my neck,
your heart, pounding beside mine,
and the clumsy stars, shining and smiling beneath us.

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I Saved The Best Of Me For You

My back to the balcony,
eyes half closed with an unlit cigarette between my lips.
Cliff is crackling and crooning on the turntable,
and you are making coffee,
covered in the blissful beauty of the morning sun.
I think I’ve come this far for a reason,
and maybe one day,
I will work it out,
but for now,
basking in the dawn’s blessings,
lighting up as your bright eyes find mine,
I am happy to be kept waiting.