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New Live Event

Hola amigos,

I will be performing at The Poet’s Dictionary in London on the 28th of July. It’s going to be a really fun event, and I had a great time performing at their inaugaural event a few months ago, so I’m really excited to see them again.

You can find more details or buy tickets here.


J x

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Jennifer Juan Announces New Poetry Collection

London – United Kingdom – March 18th 2019 – Press Release

Author and musician, Jennifer Juan has announced the release of her brand new poetry collection, Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back, a triumphant cry of freedom, and an emancipation from the old insecurities and ideals that so many find themselves trapped by, inspired by her experiences, available from the 31st of May 2019.
Announcing the books release date of Friday May 31st 2019, with a sepia soaked book trailer, featuring a narration of the poem Necklace, a mournful reflection on the rising levels of suicides across the UK, taken from the collection, and presented over a set of stunning vintage visuals, setting the scene for the kind of content readers can expect to read in the book upon release.

Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back - Jennifer Juan - Book Cover

Filled with honest, healing verses, Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back tells a story of self discovery, and the road to self acceptance, with Juan offering perhaps her most confessional offering to date, as she opens up about her struggles with mental health, how western beauty standards affect her self image, as a biracial woman, and how she struggled to come to terms with her sexuality.
“It was very difficult to deconstruct some of my experiences and turn them into something new, but I think it helped me a lot too.” Said Jennifer Juan, discussing the collection. “Removing the power from your pain can be such a healing experience, and it helps you to understand what you went through too.”

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Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back comes after the release of Jennifer Juan’s latest single, A View From The Bridge, a haunting piano led ballad, which has amassed thousands of plays on Spotify alone, less than a month after release.
Juan will be performing at two dates in London, to give a preview of her latest book, reading at feminist arts event She Grrrowls on the 5th of April 2019, and at the inaugural Poet’s Dictionary event, on the 8th of April.

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“Juan’s language is accessible and the poems are about the here and now, about contemporary subjects that we are all familiar with and that, to me, is its big appeal.” said, when discussing Juan’s work, which has drawn comparisons to legendary American poet Sylvia Plath, by writer Laura Sansom, and praise from star of Amazon’s Transparent, Trace Lysette, who said, “Jennifer, this is beautiful. Made me tear up.” when discussing Juan’s poem A Song For Venus, from her previous collection Kissing Boys, Just For The Thrill.
Jennifer Juan’s new poetry collection, Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back is available from and from Amazon stores worldwide, on both Kindle and in Paperback, from the 31st of May 2019.