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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hola Amigos, Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you’re enjoying a day full of love and warmth, with someone special, even if that someone special is just you! You can click below to check out my brand new valentine’s day collection of poetry. I wanted to write something about the journey of love. The joy and elation, the heartbreak, the anxiety, and the darkness. I … Read More Happy Valentine’s Day!

The One Who Has Been Mine

I am nervous to know you, though you’ve been mine, longer than any love had the pleasure, or misfortune. I didn’t intend to build a house on your head, filled with my hardest days, where the thought of you, and our imaginary conversations, hang happy, seen by you, for the very first time. This is where I live. This is where I lie, that … Read More The One Who Has Been Mine

My 21st Birthday

You set off the fire alarm, pulling me from my novel, to the grass outside. From a boy into a bird, you surfed towards me, and I was wrapped up in you, and bows, your giddy gift, though it was my turn to receive.   Your bullish greed, wouldn’t let my eyes, or my heart wander. Still, I couldn’t complain, I was spoiled by … Read More My 21st Birthday


Hola amigos, Just checking in to let you know that you can read a new interview I did with Tention Free, here.  It contains some insight into my recent book Home Wrecker, and a little information about my upcoming music releases. I’ll be making some blog posts soon to give you some more details on that.. Besos, J x Order “Stormy Weather” here Order … Read More Hola

Hello 2018, Goodbye Porn Watchers

I know I already did my “this is not a new year, new me post, but new year, new me!” post, but indulge me, because I have another change I’m bringing into 2018, and it’s something I’ve considered for the longest time. Up until recently, I actually thought I was asexual. I felt attraction, but the thought of actually having sex either bored me … Read More Hello 2018, Goodbye Porn Watchers