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Drowning In Us Trailer

Hola amigos, I hope the cold weather isn’t too bad where you are. As you know, for the last few years, I’ve been working on a very special project. It has been a long process and it has gone through a lot of changes, but I have some further details on it that I can share with you. The project will be a story … Read More Drowning In Us Trailer


Chrissy let out a heavy sigh as her latest lover collapsed on top of her with great force, he groaned a little before rolling over and closing his eyes. She pulled the duvet around her and put an arm over his warm body, exhaustion was a powerful thing and allowed her to have this strange man under her control. “Your thoughts?” She asked taking … Read More Collecting

Looking For Squirrels

I lay in bed staring up at the ceiling as the noise of the house began to simmer down. My mother was sleeping and my little brother at a friend’s for the night. There was only the light purr of the cat across the room and my father’s padding feet travelling up the stairs left to be heard. I closed my eyes and thought … Read More Looking For Squirrels


“What have you gotten into this time?” He smirked at the voice as he opened his eyes and delicate fingers ran through his hair. “Or what have you gotten me into, princess.” He sank back into the pillows, thankful for the mercy of a comfortable bed, and noticed the restraints on his wrists. “You have been thorough, my love.” He whispered, trying to mask … Read More Neglected

Boo, bitch..

Hola! I have written a little something (and a little something more) for Halloween, so I hope you enjoy my spooky stories, and the rest of your Halloween! I hope your night is as sweet and wonderful as you… and a little bit weird, of course, as all the best nights are! Besos, J x -x- I love you, bye. “I love you. Byeeeeeee.” … Read More Boo, bitch..