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Main Pop Girlie

The lights,
oh, the lights are in my eyes and I am hypnotised by the fruit of fear and fantasy,
I took a bite of bliss,
and everything couldn’t return to how it was before,
because I wasn’t who I was before,
and everyone is so divinely critical of the chanteuse,
hanging from the ceiling by her microphone’s cable.

The floor is unstable but I do not step on it anymore,
I soar above the screaming,
roses rising like the sea,
my solemn, sweet beats baked into the air,
and there was never anything to fear,
because they cut me down and cut to the final note,
where the lights are bright, and I can see nothing but forever.

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Clean Again

Gulls gasp,
shouting about our love to the surprised sea,
just you and me,
alone with the rest of the world,
wind whipping around the sails of our own little love boat.
I haven’t fantasised about falling overboard since we met,
meeting my match, at last,
I decided to try living life at least half full,
dancing through dreams in the daytime,
serenading you in my sleep,
and finding that life is sweet, if you let it shock you.

I was shocked back to life,
after being dead for decades,
once at home in my grave,
I found that my fondness for you freed me from the prison I founded,
all the dirt I had drowned myself in,
all the nightmares I lived in,
just one kiss,
and I was clean again.

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Transformational Wishes

I threw my last penny into the pale blue,

watching the once calm waters walk from their original formation,

running into rushed ripples,

collecting themselves around the copper,

as they leant closer to hear my heart’s truest desire.

My reflection was perplexing,

my own face was present, as expected,

but my waist was embraced,

your soft hair brushed against my cheek as you kissed your claim onto it,

and gone was my cheap polyester dress,

gone was the smoky soundtrack of the Southbank,

I was a goddess in gold,

taken by your hand,

to follow the distant sound of Glenn Miller that only got stronger with every gentle kiss.

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Meet Me Tonight

My love,
everything is temporary,
except you and me,
to tell you the truth.
My life was a long list of leaps from one place to the next,
ending only on stone steps,
tepid but true,
only sure of one thing.
Never would I go roaming again.
It was a stormy night,
glowing sky and an orchestra from the ocean,
heaven fell to the unworthy Earth,
to show me the way to your door.

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My Voice

First formed in a scream,
the dreamlike state where I am passed from one pair of arms to another, back to my mother and I scream,
I scream because I made it,
and if I can make it to the outside world,
then that’s another step towards world domination.

It gargled and goo gooed at first as I tried to form words,
only finding sounds and soft coos as night falls.
I used to talk all night,
in my own language,
with my own little voice,
that grew stronger and sterner,
before becoming soft as the world’s intentions descended,
but I will heal her.

She has changed,
been seen as sultry and shrill in equal measure,
but she’s mine,
and I won’t let her be taken.