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Call For Submissions!

Hola amigos,

I’m currently working on the next episode of my poetry radio show, Diverse Verse, as part of Alphabet Radio, and I am looking to feature poets. I am looking for poets who would be interested in sharing readings of their own work, or readings of their favourite poems, as well as poets who would be interested in being interviewed.

Submissions are open worldwide.

If you are interested, please complete your details here.


J x

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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Thirty

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I managed to get a few hours of sleep, but I feel rough. On the bright side, I’ve had a biscuit, so it’s not all bad.

Mary says she has some friends a few days drive away that might have somewhere safe, so we’re setting off in a few hours, once we all feel a bit more human. Apparently, it’s a pen pal, that she met online, so I have to be honest, I’m a little concerned, but, at this point, beggers can’t be choosers, and if these friends can help, we aren’t really in a position to turn them down. We have supplies, tents and transports, but I’m not sure that we have the will to keep driving around, for however long this takes (potentially forever), so we need to find somewhere to settle, and Mary’s mystery friends are the best option we have right now.

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Ella at The End Of The World – Episode Twenty Eight

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We’ve been driving all day, but now we’ve stopped for the night. I’m staying up for the first watch with Thomas, while the others sleep, then Martin and Mary are taking over. We’re letting Jude sleep through, he probably needs it.

Thomas was silent for ages. He’s barely spoken since we lost Little Mary, but then, just how, he broke down. I just hugged him for a little, letting him cry. Everyone is so raw, and it’s my fault.

He thanked me. I was speechless, but he said he was grateful she didn’t have to stay as one of them for long. I suppose it makes sense but it’s hard to accept that anyone should thank me for her being gone.

I miss you, Little Mary, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry that everyone blames themselves and nobody blames me.

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I Am Swallowing My Pain

Scratching initials into my desk,

so my idle, angry nails don’t find her eyes.

My heart is helpless and possessed.

There is an envy deep within me,


under the sun,

my skin burns,

as my ink buries her beautiful face,

I spin,

alone in the garden,

side two,

track seven,

Rubber Soul,

as my eyes rain.

I am the reigning Queen of resent,

throne of Grass,

crown of limelight hydrangeas.

Being loved by me is dangerous,

because I can compete in an empty room.

I am swallowing my pain,

it tastes so much like you,

so I start to hunt out my hunger,

helpless and possessed again.