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Poetry Competition Winners!

Hola Amigos,

Today, I’m very excited to share some of our contest winners with you.

I had a lot of great entries, and it was so exciting to see so many of you creating so many wonderful things. It was very hard to narrow it down (I had to ask Little Muffin for help… ), but below we have the overall winner, by Laura Kowski, as well as two commended entries by Gabby Taylor and Liz.

Overall Winner

Millennial pink – Laura Kowski

Millennial pink
We’re all on the brink
of a hunger that’s turning us insane

The social generation
Lonely by association
Drip fed pink hearts as we starve off desolation

and depression
The fuels to our obsession
for how we’re perceived through a screen

Isn’t that what they say?
As we buy all the same stuff
so we can all do us
in the same way?

We taught skin to touch screen
to connect,
or so it seemed
But instead created distance
And now can’t feel a thing

That’s a lie,
We’re offended!
Every word you type will be remembered
Don’t you know Millennial pink is not a colour gendered?

How dare I bite the hand that feeds me
Unattainable standards
of three by three beauty

And unsatiating bytes
of modern-day poetry


with more


than substance?

Give us this day our daily bread
as soon as small fingers can swipe
Through feeds that leave us hungrier than we’ve ever been
Oh, the Millennial life!

Millennial pink
it’s too late
I think
I’ve already lost my appetite.

You can find Laura’s blog at

Commended Entries 

Breathe – Liz (@maybeyellowsnotahappycolor)

It’s a simple thing to do when you’re heads up in the clouds
But right now I’m just buried in my thoughts that act as crowds
Suffocating, crushing, on all sides of me
Making my vision blurry
It’s hard for me to see
Where I’m going, where I came from, where I am today
There’s too much to consider, when nothing’s here to stay
Whatever will come is certain to go
It may hurt at first but will push you to grow
So stay where you are and don’t move a beat
Because the present is the focus and there’s too much to complete

You can find more of Liz’s work on instagram at @maybeyellowsnotahappycolor

War – Gabby Taylor

My mama told me of the war.
City on it’s knees.
Nobody ever the same.
All gone.
She never dreamed,
that we’d do it all again.

Of course we did.
Of course we did.
Of course we did.

More war.
More war.
More war.


Just because.

You can find Gabby’s blog at

You can hear all the above entries on this week’s podcast, which should be available on Sunday night!


J x

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