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Ask Jen – 16th June 2018

Hola amigos,

Here are the answers to some of the questions you asked me!


Ari asked: What was your favorite poem from What Ever Happened To Baby Jen? And why did you call the collection that?

My favourite poem from the collection was Cherry Coke. I named the collection, in part, after “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” Which is one of my favourite films.


Nicole asked: You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but with it being Pride month, would you consider doing a video for She’s A Sensitive Girl or Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy? Poems about women who love women are so underrepresented, and the ones we do have are normally very male gaze focused, but what you wrote was so gentle and loving, so it would mean a lot to me if we got a video for one of them. Pretty please? 🙂

I’m releasing a video for one of those next week 🙂


Anon asked: Will you do more audio collections, or start writing more music to go along with your poems in the future?

Yes! I really enjoyed working on the audio collection, so it’s definitely something I’d like to do again.


Katie asked: Will you be coming to Scotland soon?

Yes, I hope so!


Kyle asked: Are you making any more videos for the poems in Kissing Boys, Just For The Thrill?

I’m not sure yet. I have already done nine (ten if you count the alt version of Palo Alto), so I don’t want to keep spamming people with videos based on those poems, in case people get bored, but if people want them, then I don’t see why not.

At the moment, I have videos planned from What Ever Happened To Baby Jen, Drowning In Us and another upcoming collection, but, as I said, if people still want them from the new book, I’m happy to oblige.


Victoria asked: Will you be singing on the Drowning In Us Soundtrack?

Yes, the vocal versions aren’t used in the film itself, but they are included in the soundtrack. There are two new vocal songs on it, entitled Wildflowers, and Your Heart. There is also a new instrumental of 2AM, but I haven’t decided if I want to add a version with vocals yet, or not.


Julius asked: What do you think about Simply_Kenna? Would you collab with her on a poetry project some day?

I’m not super familiar with her work, but what I’ve seen is very nice. I don’t know her at all as a person, so I think doing a project together is probably unlikely, simply because I don’t know her in real life, so it would be difficult to arrange something like that, we do also have quite different styles so I’m not sure if we would be suitable collaboration partners, but stranger things have happened, so, I don’t know, maybe?


Sammy asked: Your poetry videos are really unique, because a lot just feature the poet reading, but you make something so different. What inspired you to make videos in the style you do?

Thank you! One of my favourite films of all time, as many of you may know, is The Ring. When I started making videos, I was very inspired by the cursed video from The Ring. I loved the idea of a series of mysterious, and seemingly unconnected, surreal images, that slowly make more sense, as the message of the poem unfolds, in a similar way to the cursed video from the movie.


Anonymous asked: Is a return to wrestling in 2018 on the cards?

I wish I could give a straight answer on this, because I’ve been asked this by quite a few people in the past, and every time, my answer is vague and stuff, and I’m sure that is incredibly annoying for people who are nice enough to care and ask me about it.

The simple, and straightest answer I can give is, maybe, with conditions.

There were a lot of great and enjoyable moments for me, in wrestling, and some great people that I really enjoyed working with, but there were also horrible times and horrible people, so, and I swear down, I’m not trying to be a diva when I say this, I would be open to it, for the right people. I don’t want to work with certain people, who have been either directly involved, or complicit in abuse and shady practices. I don’t want to work in environments where I won’t feel safe or like everyone around me is safe.

The key thing to remember here is, I am not actually, by any means, a good wrestler, and I have never pretended that I was, so I’m not sure there is any value in anyone bringing me back, unless it was to work with Jonathan Windsor (who I have no issue working with), or as a manager for someone else.

If I could fit stuff in around my writing projects, and it was for a good place, I’m all for it, but right now, I don’t know what’s happening with it.


Josie asked: Why is the song in the alternate version of Palo Alto Passion different to the original version?

There are two reasons.

  1. I didn’t want to get a copyright strike on my YouTube channel, so I made two versions, so I could upload one to YouTube that wouldn’t contain music that would get me in trouble.
  2. The poem is about a very specific moment in my life, and in that moment, that song was in my head, because I had watched the movie Palo Alto, while on the train to the date that I was on, when this moment happened.


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