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In the arms of Morpheus,

I am mollified.

Sweet serenity,

crafting dark adventures,

when the moon reigns,

and the sun hides,

for everyone that we meet.

Pass me a poppy,

let me sing you to sleep,

let us see what awaits,

outside the gates,

of this restrictive realm,

dreaming divine,

without deceit,

sleeping on seeds.

Don’t abandon me,

when I awake,

because you are the shadow,

I spent my life looking for.

Paint me,


for rage,

until I’m beautifully blue,

tempests in my gaze.

Paint me inquisitive,


violently violet,

until the brushes are dry,

and enough time has gone by,

for you to love me,

exactly as you found me.

Let me be your polychrome princess,

let me rest,

in your arms.

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