God Hates Joey Ryan

God is not the saviour of the ghastly.

He is not a guiding light back to salvation.

The truth is,

forgiveness is never free,

but you can’t buy it,

and the road to redemption is drowned in darkness.

You can’t recite bible verses to get into heaven,

because a clean soul is not a reward for good memory and a projected voice.

Salvation is not an exam,

silly boy,

it’s not a sprint,

when the world is closing in,

and you need to rehab your image,

it’s forever.

Forever proving that you’re better than you were the day before,

and you have to mean it,


I mean…

He’s like Santa on steroids,

this guy sees EVERYTHING.

God is not a replacement for taking accountability.

God is not a replacement for repairing the damage that you did.

Bloody hands will never truly be clean,

and you can’t stop the tears you prompted,

by praying and begging a bloke you JUST started believing in.

Your hands may never be clean again,

but you can keep them to yourself.

Your mouth may never speak pure words,

but it can apologise.

God will never return your calls,

until you make things right with his children.

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