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Angel Baby – Chapter Two: The Punishment Game

His typing was relentless. Beautiful blue eyes barely leaving the screen as he worked, the sounds of his fingers on the screen seemed not to distract him, so I decided I should do so instead. It’s a little game I like to play, where I promise at the beginning of the day that I will behave myself and let him work, and for a little while, I am true to my word, working on my own things and keeping out of his way, but dear reader, that’s no fun.

It started off small. Simply relocating to the room he was working was my first move. Sitting on the sofa with my laptop, and a sweet smile, as if I didn’t intend to drive him right to the brink of insanity, and then push him off. I had a manuscript overdue, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. There would be plenty of time to write, when I was done toying with him. Besides, what was my editor going to do? Spank me?

No, that would be him, but not yet, there was more madness and mischief to be made before I got what I wanted. Placing my pen between my laps, in the most phallic fashion I could manage, I shoved my laptop from my knees and stood from the sofa.

Without even looking away from his work, he calmly said “Sit down.” I wanted him to look at me. I needed him to look at me, and so, I took a few brave (and stupid) steps closer to his desk, staring intently, willing him to tear himself from his work and tear my clothes off instead. “Now.” He was still glued to the screen, much to my dismay, so more brave and very stupid steps were required. I knelt beside him, looking up at him expectantly. My mischievous fingertips found their way into his lap, and I played innocent as he relented, stroking my hair gently as I slowly moved my hand towards his zipper.

“Five minutes.” He promised. I ignored him, pleased at the slight hint of hunger in his voice. He continued typing, as I took him in my hand. Soft and slow, still with an innocent smile, that grew into a satisfied smirk as I heard him moan my name above me.

That was all it took. There was absolutely no justifiable way he could leave me able to sit down without significant discomfort after that, and so, out from under his desk I came, and off to the bedroom, where his many rulers, whips and fancy paintings lived, and it was about time.

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