My life is a long and lucid tale,
happy and then hysterical,
always a different colour and flavour when I close and open my eyes,
I’m used to it, but I think you’ll need a little time.
Read my diary if you want the full story,
it’s just going to be a challenge to decipher my handwriting.

Let’s just suppose that we are bound to fall in love,
once parted but sewn together by the insistent fingers of fate,
voted cutest couple by the cooing moon,
enchanting total strangers with the all singing, all dancing drama of our romance.
Sounds… tolerable, right?

All I’m saying, is that it wouldn’t be so bad,
so why not us? Why not love?
Honestly, you and I have both done a lot worse.
Let me borrow your last name,
I like the sound of it.

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