Want, Need, Love

Devoured in the darkness,
I am left with nothing but the memory of distracting destruction.
You never stay,
but that’s for the best,
because I’ve so much to be getting on with,
and you’re so much to deal with.
I’m slipping through hands that are never around to hold me,
but scratch their name into my skin all the same.
I won’t go to waste here.

You want to taste everyone, everywhere,
but you cannot resist returning to me.
Jealous rages in the magenta eyes of the moon,
your temper takes over and you howl like a wounded wolf when you spy the scent of someone else.
I could stay and say that you’re a hypocrite and a fiendish brute,
but I just close my eyes,
vanishing from your view,
to the place that I go when you go gallivanting.

You want me,
you need me,
you love me,
but these are just your fantasies.
You want to want me.
You need to need me.
You love to love me,
but you know,
deep down in what’s left of your soul,
that I am just a teddy bear to cling to,
clutched tight in your shaking hands as your nightmares knock at the door.

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