I May Not Be The One You Marry

I may not be the one you marry,
that’s good, actually.

According to TikTok,
I ought to be distraught,
distracting myself by dissecting your wife and all the ways that she is way below me in your ejaculatory estimations,
but honestly,
she’s so pretty,
and all she did was love somebody that I couldn’t keep,
so you’ll sleep with her,
and I’ll hope that you’re happy.

I hope you won’t think of me.

I’m not thinking of you when in the throes of perilous passion.
It’s so unfashionable to be the girl that got away.
I’d rather walk away,
my head held high and my hopes even higher,
because we had so many adventures,
and there’s more in store for me than just being a memory for a long lost lover.

I am so full of life.

You’ll never make a ghost of me.

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