Jumping The Shark

I kissed you as the dawn broke and the day began anew,
jumping sharks and healing the heart that once howled beneath my chest.
The world didn’t end when I walked away from where I once was headed,
and my head didn’t explode the first time my heart was broken,
because a new day knocked upon the door.

I found a way to pull myself from the floor and blinked back blinding sunlight,
and there it was,
a brand new start,
a new dawn,
a chance for a new thrill.

After all, why shouldn’t I have it?

I heard it said, once upon a time,
that my natural state was to be at war,
but I’m sure that I wasn’t always like this,
and maybe this bliss is a chance to forget,
a chance to forgo my scars and barfly habits,
getting lost in our game of flats,
flying past the moon with a knowing smile as your soft lips lift me to a secret heaven,
where only the most beautiful, bad girls go.

I was a bambi,
‘til you got your hands on me,
and now my lipstick lingers on your trembling thighs,
your eyes, half closed,
helpless at the hands of your doily darling doll,
and at last,
I jump the shark,
finally finding power.

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