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Saturday Night In Central

Soft street lamps cast shadows that we sail through,
foxes fly past and through the park fence,
faster than my phone can find them,
and your lips find mine,
just as quick.

This is just a Saturday night in Central.
Just drinks and dinner,
then home to collapse into a kiss on the sofa,
you reading a book,
glancing over the pages and pretending to show interest as I run from raiders and radscorpions,
but it feels like my life is finally formed.

I will remember that kiss by the park until the day that I die.
Soft lamplight,
gentle moonlight,
playful foxes,
and the thought of doing nothing of great importance when we get home and close the door.
These were the dreams I didn’t dare to speak when I was a girl,
and now that I am a woman,
you have made them come true.

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