Love Within Treasure Trove Cove

Locking eyes from across the room,
my arms around my man’s shoulders,
and my mind on someone else.
This is the beginning of the end.
There’s no way to pretend that I am untouched by corruption,
so I don’t try.

I lift my long lashes to the blinding lights of this bastardised ballroom,
and I break her gaze.
I am playing her game,
but I want to reach the end in one piece.
She doesn’t play fair,
and all of a sudden,
I am struck by the unseasonal warmth in this room.

It’s May.
May I ask, why is it so searing?
Why can’t I stop dreaming?
Why is it all fading?
Why is she smiling and waving?
Why am I crumbling and wavering?

Snap your fingers in my face.
Peck my soul to it’s seams.
It seems that nothing can save me from her spell,
yet I’m so aware of my descent into destruction,
dangling myself off of a mountain with a shy smile,
because this is where I want to burn.

My emerald empress.
Expressing nothing but contempt,
until the door closes,
and the lights are chased away by the sweet shadows of two lovers,
lying alone, dressed in nothing but their secrets.
Only then, do I truly belong to her.

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