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Forgiveness Is A Fallacy

Pick up your past and build yourself a wall to hide behind,
the kind of sanctuary that only comes from being chased until any kind of peace will do,
a lonely, stoney silence that allows you to slip under the surface of every bath that you take,
begging the water to take you to a place where nothing ever happened, and everything was good.

You take a million steps past the traditional twelve,
knocking every door on the street but never finding what you need,
and the water is such a waste of time,
because you beg for it to take your breath,
but it’s never as forgiving as you ask it to be,
never as kind as you plead for.

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Don’t be stubborn.

Don’t be distrusting.

Don’t be so distressed.

Don’t carry the crimes of lost souls, into your new life.

These are the mantras,

I repeat in my mirror,

every morning,

trying hard to adore the idea,

of existing in such an unsure,

unappealing universe.

I don’t mean to be unkind,

but as a great crab once said,

the human world,

it’s a mess,



I am messy,

but was I born this way,

or am I just the result of my environment?

It doesn’t really matter,


we are where we are,

and I am miming my mantras,

to the mirror,

for far longer than I intended.

He holds onto me,

stubborn and seductive,

as I venture between the valleys,

without leaving his arms.

Maybe one day,

I will free him,

from the sentence my past suitors have inflicted,

on him,

and anyone else I encounter,

so that they do not fall prey,

to a prison,

that they refuse to escape from.

I want him to escape,

so that we can be free,



but my mantras meld,

into one,

unintelligible mess,

and I forget,

all I remembered,

about how to be in love.