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Free and Fearless

As it all turns out,
to be in love,
or to be yourself,
IS brave and stunning,
no matter how much mumsnet mocks you for it.
You love and you live in a free and fearless state,
knowing that time is an ever changing thing,
and that you could go back and forth,
be acceptable or unacceptable on the whims of the rest of the world,
with no control,
but you go on.

You go on,
because there’s nothing else left to do.
Cops don’t come when death threats dance outside your door,
so you dance with your lover, under the light of what little moonlight creeps through the kitchen window,
paint your face like a warrior to hide your wounds,
you love and you live in a free and fearless state,
with the door closed,
because the world is full of cowards.

The world is afraid of how beautiful you truly are,
so they turn away,
they stab wildly in the dark until they find blood,
and the world drinks and drinks like your pain is the potion that will solve all their problems,
but still,
you go on.
You soldier on.
You dance on.
You live on.
You love and you live,
through the trauma and the drama,
because there’s nothing else left to do,
and you were born to be free and fearless.

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