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The Ghost That Haunts London City Airport

London city airport closed,

and I lived the past again.

I was waiting,

at the DLR station,

chasing a fantasy,

that you would arrive,

dreading my memory,

of your departure,

locking me back in your embrace,

peaceful silence,

in the rush of air traffic,

that transforms into foot traffic.

There was peaceful silence,

as you held me closer,

your fear leaking through your fingertips,

staining my coat,

with your regret,

our ancient love,

born again,

on an airport floor,

crawling and crashing,

around our legs,

as you held me,

in peaceful silence,

that did not exist,

as I stood at the DLR station,

remembering the dread of your departure,

every Friday night,

for what felt like forever.


knowing you would not return,

knowing you only thought of me,

when you craved red lingerie,

and redder lipgloss,

knowing I was a dealer,

too naive for the game.


ready to wait,

for a journey to end,

that had never started.

And now today,

twenty eight.

I do not wait,

and I haven’t seen the platform in years.

I haven’t watched the skies for you,

and I know I could find you,

if I wanted to,

because you came back,

but you couldn’t make it all the way,

and so,

I found a new place to haunt.

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