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Maybe, I’ll Swim

Sink into dreams with me.

Midnight, be mine,

transparent desires,

hiding in our silence,

that can be heard all around the world.

I heard your call,

echoing back into starry skies,

that stare with great curiosity,

watching our solemn soap opera.

Let me be your secret siren,

washing my will over you,

until you are clean of the claw marks reality leaves behind.

You are all mine,

hands full,

of all the things we could do,

if you just let go.

Is my pride worth the fall?

Falling into fantasies,

where you are the person my pen believes you could be.

It feels fine,

for a little while,

and I reinvent you,

matching you with the mirage I become,

at midnight,

when aspiration is in the air.

My nails are acrylic,


clutching onto you,

but you are so many people,

wasted water droplets,

that become a pool.


I’ll swim.

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