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Dreams and Nightmares

Give me the time,

and you’ll see,

that I would be a dream,

if you let me,

but you rush me,

and then I am a nightmare,

nights of regretful reminiscing,

raw regrets that never heal,

because I won’t let them.

I wouldn’t tell you about my hatred of horses,




the ones that wounded me,

without doing a single thing,

just triggering my jealousy.

I didn’t want you to know,

because you’re powerful enough as it is,

my fault,

because I let you be,

letting you tower over me,

conquer me,

pin me to your pillows,

pin your name to my soul.

I couldn’t take it back,

so I just held back what I could,

hoping that one day I’d forget,

free of the hold you had on me,

so quick,

so confusing,

so frightening.

I saw a beautiful house,

as you drove me home,

with rainbows in the window,

red picked from the prism,

painted on the front door,

and it took me away from my angst for a moment,

before it wrapped its arms around me,

reminding me that I was slipping from safety,

falling down romantic rabbit holes,

decorated in red flags.

You want what you want,

I want to be bold,



but I break too easily,

being whatever you need,

for a time,

twisted tempting nightmare,

burying myself at the bottom of the back garden,

with the roses that said too much,

but meant too little.

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