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Dark, devious streets,

pavements covered in leaves,

eyes closed,

mouths mumbling,

but never mentioning everything they’ve seen.

They saw you take me.

Nobody else,

but nature noticed,

as your hand held my screams inside my lips,

locking my protests,

my body,

in the back seat of your car.

a soft kiss,

on the lace of my hemline,

just above my knee,

before you stare,

invasive and eager.

Then you are gone,

we are going to a location,

a mystery that may never be revealed.

You drive,

as I count your nervous breathes,

losing count and laying behind you,

in silence.

Every now and then,

your shaking hands relocate,

from navigation,

to seduction,

snaking up my bare legs,

sending a clear message,

about what you intend,

ending all misunderstanding,

when you park,

pulling me from the car,

into your arms.

Branches bend for a closer look,

grasping at you,

and the grip you refuse to relinquish,

but it is too late for the trees,

and the pavements won’t speak,

I disappear into your lair,

and nature stays awake all night,

listening for the familiar melody of my sleepy shoes.

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